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Is Objectdock Faster than the other docks ?



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  1. 1.

    • 1. Objectdock is faster than either Mobydock or Y's dock
    • 2. Objectdock is just as fast as Mobydock or Y's dock
    • 3. Objectdock is slower than Mobydock or Y's dock
    • 4. Objectdock is very much slower than Mobydock or Y's dock

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All 3 docks (Mobydock, Y's dock, & Objectdock) are works in progress. The label alpha or beta version is only a label that has meaning for the developer and a group of testers that are well acquainted with the code and the plan of the program. These labels are used interchangeably and one cannot say a Beta is more advanced stage of an Alpha. All one can say is that these programs are not fully developed, probably have bugs, and don't qute behave as intended in their present state. It denotes that it is a work in progress.

Any of these 3 docks could become a great application, in fact all 3 offer quite a bit as they are presently.

The purpose of this poll is to find out if presently (given that all 3 docks are in development) Objectdock is as fast , faster, or slower than the other 2 docks on most peoples computer. In otherwords is the speed of Objecdock an issue for most computer platforms or just isolated cases.

Please vote

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Well maybe it's just me....but I personally feel that the ObjectDock looks like it runs faster because of the simpler calculations for its magnification effect......the most complex one is used in the mobydock while the y'z dock's mag effect complexity is between the two.

still to be honest, I do not like the magnification effect of the ObjectDock.....so I'll stick to Y'z Dock 0.31 for now since MobyDock runs too slow for me... :D


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Come-on guys!!

We have about 230 members, 60 views of this Poll and only 11 votes.

Is Objecdock not important to you guys?

Let's show a little more participation with just one click. Voting is just a small way to show you appreciate the work of others and pay attention to their work.

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so far OD is great though slower. but its going to be faster......as said above.. im just waiting for that.

just one thing.. it runs on my computer VERY NICELY but yes, slower..

though as much as its funny what im about to say, it has like 100fps smoothness.

its just kinda mushier reaction compared to YZ for example.. there its like a TRUE mag.

I'm looking forward to see the new version of OD...

its going to be amazing.


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There is/was a really good article on the net about how the human eye doesn't "see in FPS" and how some people can tell the difference between 70 and 80 fps and other can't. It also said that women can actually see more colours then men.

Really good article, too bad I didn't bookmark it. :D

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Well the kind of smoothness you see depends on the refresh rate of your monitor as well as the frame rate....coz if the refresh rate of the monitor is set at something like 75 Hz then 75 fps is what can be displayed at max....then regardless of whether you're system churns out 75 fps or 750 fps all you can see is 75....


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I have just downloaded and tried the latest update of Objectdock .51 and I quickly loaded 45 icons and I'm happy to say that there is a large increase in the speed . Regardless which magnification you use under GDI+Engine or just Custom Engine , I see no difference on my computer on the choice. I believe that for those that found Objectdock to be slow on the very first release will find this version to be as fast as the other docks. Objecdock is now in the same league as the other 2 running with afterburners.

...With the latest update Objectdock speed now runs on AFTERBURNERS....Zooming past the others with more Mac-like features

...Simply an Amazing Job by Jeff and other programers in reacting to the user base

...THANK YOU x10 !!!! :D

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