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Mac Office X Icons


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Now I dont know what the hell you're gonna do with some of those icons, but I just extracted all of them and I will let you decide :).

By the way, it will be cool if someone could set up a download mirror for the file. That way it won't kill my bandwidth, which would mean I wouldn't be able to post other stuff (screenshots, files etc..)

so before I forget, here it is: Office Icons!

By the way, it took a hellofa long time to extract the images, but they are in tiff format. I hope you can convert them to the required format yourself ;) . If PC's dont open tiff's, do let me know..

Pleaze set up a download mirror for the file!

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Dazzla posted a .psd file with a lot of OfficeX icons (128x128 pixels - ready to be converted! :-)) waaay so much time ago on Neowin... I converted some of the icons (the ones I was interested in), and made .png images of all of them for using in my dock... you can see an excerpt in the image here...

If someone can host the .psd file (I hope Dazzla has nothing against it, they are Microsoft - or Apple? - icons after all, still I'll obviously respect his wishes should he disagree with this...), just ask me... unfortunately, I can't host it.


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I converted some of them into .ico, and all of them into .png (they're 44, if I remember well). And I also sent a selection of .pngs to Clotz for his site, but I don't know if he received them. Anyway, as I said, I have this .psd file made by Dazzla, with all the 44 or so icons in 128x128 pixels format, ready to be converted in... well... whatever you want. ;)

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I'd like to have them too!

A note about file type icons: A lot of the ones I've downloaded

look bad(blurry) at 16x16 / list view. If you take a look at a real text doc icon from osx,

for example, the 16x16 is an entrely new version of the 128 or 32 format.

Not just a 'shrunk' image of the 128.

Anyone have real format per format port of x icons?

Im looking forward to getting the tifs and pngs, but they could look not too good

when i use iconworkshop to shrink them to 16x16

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thx, but i don't think they're genuine office x icons, they're made out of exisiting png resources. i don't know if you have tried working with office x on a mac, but the real icons that appear on a mac are not the same like those you have shown here, sorry...

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