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Official "I Switched" Thread

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apple stuff i have:

• PowerBook G4 12.1"

• eMate 300

• Newton MessagePad (OMP)

• iMac G3 Dalmatian

• AppleDesign Speakers II

• Apple Adjustable Keyboard

• QuickTake 200

• PowerBook 100

• iSight

What i'm getting soon:

• PowerBook 540c

My collection continues to grow...

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hehe. I dont know this but would u consider a PC'd G5 apple hardware? :)


AthlonXP 2500+ running 2.5Ghz

3 harddrives

2 western digital 160GB 8MB cache running Raid 0

1 5400rpm 250gb for storage

BGF Nvidia 6800GT

1GB of crucial ram

That and 2 cool blue neon tubes :)...still playing with the lighting a bit.

Ill post pics once EVERYTHING is done :D

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oh yeah, i just got my iPod 20 gigz a day after it came out, they had stocks of that in apple store so I happen to be there at the time. Love it.

Planning on getting new shiz next month. We'll see whats more valuable, a 23" or a new car. It is hard to decide.

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Originally posted by aashish13@Sep 26 2004, 09:59 PM

Wow that is amazing Tim. Please tell me how is it? Is the large white caption where the apple is on the monitor annoying or noticeable? Congrats :D


To be honest, you only notice it when someone asks about it, the screen is so big its all you see.

Only problem I have yet to find is, which could be a software problem, but there is static when i have itunes playing a song and some alert pops up,

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I made a run to the Apple store in Chicago last saturday and picked up a 12" Powerbook G4 (1.33 w/Superdrive) + a 4Gen 20GB iPod. With my student discount I saved about $430. I'm totally loving my powerbook, its sooo portable and its my first time in Mac-land. The only thing I want to do is get some memory (currently @ 256MB).

PS: I just wrote this on my Powerbook :D

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Originally posted by aashish13@Sep 27 2004, 02:20 AM

Congrats Orliville. I looked a long time back and discovered you could save more if your a student developer. Is this still true?


Well, my grad school is part of Apple's academic program so I was able to get a discount on Apple hardware: $200 off the powerbook, $30 off the ipod. Then Apple had a Cram and Jam promo that had a $200 mail in rebate.

Not sure about the student developer thing, unless it's the same as the student discount...

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