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Official "I Switched" Thread

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Hi, and good 2008 year ;)

I got it!

A MBP 15". I'm very happy to have it, I can realy work with it :).

So, a few images of unpacking and a comparison between my old laptop and the new :).








I have the impression to dream. It's so incredible to finally have, after month and month of waiting. And leopard work perfectly, a real happyness.

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Is that your first MacBook? I also wouldn't have recommended buying one right away because new ones may be announced later this month... if you don't like the new ones you could always get the current ones at the apple store the day they are announced (before the new ones are in stores)

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Well, longtime Windows User, whose spent a great deal in time customizing laptop after laptop to look like a mac. That is until, Windows Vista came out, and I was loving the whole feel and look of it.

Now, within this week, I will be taking the Mac plunge and purchasing a 17inch MacBook PRO notebook. Any software you guys recommend off the bat to make my transition a little easier?

Key things I ALWAYS reinstall on my windows notebook no matter how many times I format were, Microsoft Office 07, Some type of virtual drive (Magic ISO), CD Burning software (Roxio 10), Limewire, uTorrent, Adobe Audition (.mp3 editor, cut and edit songs with crazy effects and what have you) and K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.

Are there MAC equivalents to these applications? With the exception of Office, which I know there's already a Mac version

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Some type of virtual drive (Magic ISO) -> Toast can mount isos as real drives (meaning emulating copy protection for games when you don't want your real dvd inside, etc ...) but OSX can mount many things by itself (not like real dvds but still like drives, pretty similar to Daemon Tools anyway)

CD Burning software (Roxio 10) -> I use disk utility (^^) but Toast is also there

Limewire -> I don't use it so I don't know

uTorrent -> Transmission, Azureus, Tomato Torrent

Adobe Audition (.mp3 editor, cut and edit songs with crazy effects and what have you) -> I think there are an easy to use mp3 editor for osx (named Fusion or something like that) but there is also Audacity (but I don't think it's as cool as Adobe Audition for the effects)

Plus there might be an Mac OS X port knowing adobe ...

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack -> Quicktime+Perian ,VLC or MPlayer for OSX

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Thanks for the info Dream_Team

Im having another problem however, this time its with iTunes.

Basically the situation is, that ALL text is in Korean or something. I have no clue how I even changed it or even when, I uninstalled and re-installed iTunes, and still the samething.

Anyone know how I can fix this, and get it back to displaying ENGLISH???


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Well, a long time away from here, but want to let you all know that my dream finally became true: I am the VERY happy owner of an new iMac 20" CD2 2.0 Ghz with 3 GB of RAM... just an AMAZING machine!! I got it last december and till today, sometimes I can't believe its mine...

I was familiar with Tiger but I have to say that Leopard is such a great OS.. I'm sure that it will become as stable and reliable as tiger, very soon.

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OK, I'm finally going to give a rant:

Why do you people post about getting your macs? We don't care. I don't post about all the new things I get (well, if I got new things I wouldn't post about it). And before anyone responds "But I care!!!", remember, there are 20,000 members on this forum. Only post if you think more than 5 will care.

It's not even interesting to talk about, since millions of people have macs. If you built your own PC, there's at least some discussion there (what parts you used, etc).

But of course, everyone else seems to love these threads, so I'm going to turn this into the official "I got a mac" thread. I think there was one before, but it probably got lost.

well played as macs have never been better then IBM compatibless -same hardware -motherboard -nothing new -always a pos and then they pay more for a pos copying pos -shows what fools they are.

something more truly unique and more powerful is the Amiga -which is now the Itanium=ps3

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