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Official "I Switched" Thread

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There are two ways:

1) when you're setting it up, OS X asks whether you want to transfer settings/files from an old Mac;

2) There's Migration Assistant app in /Applications/Utilities/, which does the same thing.

In both cases you will need Firewire cable to connect computers. I've done it a few times so far and I admit that it works perfectly. When I transfered all my data from Mac mini to iMac and rebooted the latter, everything looked and worked 100% like on my old mini.

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BTW I know a person who recently got a Macbook but I can't tell you who is it :o:O:O:O:O

When time comes, mr XXX will reveal his identity. I don't want to steal this from him ;)

For god's sake, it's him! :D Petey's got a new macbook! now show us ze pics!

Actually no gents, that'd be me :D. I see my old nickname of Mr. XXX is back!

Anyway, I seem to be typing this on a 2.0 ghZ white Macbook. How odd. :P


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I got Apple hardware!

At wednesday my MacBook arrived after nearly 2 weeks of waiting. It´s great (2GHz, 1GB, white). And of course, I installed Windows via BootCamp and of course I installed Flyakite, taskbar addons, MacSearch etc etc etc for the perfect Mac OS X-look.

It really took nearly two weeks because it came directly from Taiwan (!) because of the 1GB RAM (standard 512MB). Next time I´ll move to my Apple Store and buy there. But I´ve got an iPod nano 2GB for only 24 EUR (30 $) with the students offer.

Under Windows I miss the "delete"-key and some other keys are missing on an Apple-keyboard.

OK, I only wanted to report that I also got Apple hardware!!!

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Sorry I have to say this :P

I just ordered my white lappy lastnight through phone! Stupid lady didn't give me discount because I'm not in college yet, but she gave me $50 off. :D


1.83GHz Intel Core Duo

1GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM- 2x512

60GB Serial ATA drive

Combo Drive

No Modem

No Optional Software

No Optional Adapter

Keyboard/Mac OS

Airport Extreme Card&BT

Estimated Delivery date is: Sept 26 :( that's too long

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