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Official "I Switched" Thread

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I ordered a white macbook (second version) with 1GB of RAM and an 80GB HD. I also bought a mighty mouse :) So now i'm still waiting for it to arrive, and i'm hourly checking the status of my order. I'm a student btw, so i guess my 'under revision' status will last a bit longer right? They still have to check if i'm really a student :evil:

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I haven't actually bought one, but I had the chance to play with a MacBook a couple of days ago.

It was stunning just out of the box! The wireless connection was just a click away, iSight was miles ahead of my current webcam, the keyboard felt great, the screen is perfect (although I never liked glossy screens) and Spotlight finds everything in no time.

I could almost hear it whispering "take me home!"

Did you see them in Aggelakh, in 8essalonikh?

I thought it was only a demo store, but you can buy stuff there now?

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I just put in my order for a white MacBook 2.0ghz and 100GB hdd (with 30gb black iPod video).

Waiting for it to ship will be painful :(

Yup, it sucks.. Check mine :


It should ship today, yet it still says 'Not yet shipped'. But that delivery date is way out of line, that doesn't sound right. That's the ultimate, ultimate last date so people can't complain about their product being shipped later than the estimated date. My iPod in warranty was sent from and back to me in 3 days (with the replacement of the new iPod included of course). I guess i'll get my delivery monday or tuesday at last.

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Did you see them in Aggelakh, in 8essalonikh?

I thought it was only a demo store, but you can buy stuff there now?

Nope, not in Aggelaki. Apple-selling stores try to be as invisible as possible in Thessaloniki, for some reason. The "Apple demo center" was a great improvement.

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Why not just purchase from the Apple Store? Is there not one close by?

I've got an Apple Store close by, but you can't really configure it there (I wanted 100GB hard drive).

Plus you can get the education discount ($100 off) and a free iPod nano (or $179 mail-in rebate on a regular iPod) which I don't think you get in the retail stores.

Man, my macbook still hasn't shipped! It was supposed to ship the 6th, and today we're the 7th and my status is still "not yet shipped"... Should i call apple support or am i too suspicious?

That sucks man... I'm not sure why your order seems to be taking so long. My MacBook is shipping later and arriving earlier (and I also ordered a week later then you!)


I also ordered an iPod with it, and that arrived in just one day.

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Guys chill, it's gonna take you forever for them to ship.

Especially MacBook users, because they fixed the plastic for it to not discolour, and if you aren't buying one of the stock mb cfgs it will take you like 20 years to get it

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Congrats Febrnovo!

@everybody else: please mind that this topic's title is "I got Apple hardware" not "I'm getting Apple hardware" nor "I'm going to get Apple hardware next week" nor "I will get Apple hardware someday". Got it? Please post when your nice stuff arrives, not when your shipping status is updated.

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Beware guys, I have had my (white) macbook for almost a month now and it is showing signs of discoloration.:mad:

My hands are always clean when i'm using it but still the plastic is showing weird spots and they are spreading I'm hoping to get it fixed soon. This is a week 24 macbook, suposedly the problem was fixed at week 25-26. In short it might be a good idea to ask Apple many questions before purchasing. Other than that this thing is awesome right out of the box!. It's whisper quiet, iLife software is very cool, I have tried to crash os x tiger it but it still keeps going, pretty awesome!

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I have tried to crash os x tiger it but it still keeps going

LOL!!! Probably the best way to crash it is to load up a few bizarre startup items, all in pre-alpha stage, with code filled with so many bugs that they won't even try to function properly. Try that ;)

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Update on my delivery::

Still not shipped.. I'm beginning to get suspicious :/ I phoned quite a few times to Apple support and the keep telling me "Oh no, nothing to worry about, it says here it's ready to be shipped.. They're preparing your package". Sure, apple.com says something else (not yet shipped). Ordered on june 27th...

Edit || It shipped :D hihihihiiiiiihihihi

sorry ;)

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Yes! I finally got an apple! A 12" Powerbook g4. its only a 867mhz version but im impressed its actually pretty quick. Im a little angry at the person i bought it off though, they failed to state on the auction that the battery is dead, so now i have to buy a new one. Luckly i convinced the seller to pay for some of it.

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