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[wip] Dashboard Wallpaper

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Those are the widgets I intend to include so far. Some of them are ready, some are on their first steps. If I have a hard time with some widget, I may temporarily drop it in order to release the whole thing earlier.

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In the Calendar Widget I think you may have got slightly confused, you don't have Friday, instead you have 3 S's... ;)

Anyway, I sooo love this app! I want it for my desktop! :D

btw I have been thinking, couldn't you make the desktop transparent (leaving the link to show the widgets of course) and then export the whole thing to any EXE that could run 'over' the desktop? np if this is not poss... :lol:

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Thanks for the tip, Infinity. I guess it was my wish for a long weekend that caused the 3 S's :P

About your idea:... it would be possible to capture a screen of the desktop, use it as a background for my app and then show it on top of all other windows, using a hotkey.

That would be more like the real Dashboard, but I think it wouldn't be as fast as what I'm trying now.

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Trial time!

In order to start playing with it, there is a download for you, but read the following instructions first.


1. all files must be extracted to C:\System\Appearance\Wallpaper

Sometime later I will let you customize this, but for now please tolerate with my HD structure :rolleyes:

2. in order to see iTunes current song and artwork, you have to run iTunesMonitor.exe

If you want to close it, use Task Manager.

3. in order to use iTunes buttons (Play/Pause, FF/Rew), you have to lower security in IE

(IE menu: Tools - Internet Options - Security - Local intranet - Custom Level - Scripting - Enable) ...or something similar! This will enable Active Desktop to start apps & stuff.

4. Set Dashboard.html as your desktop wallpaper.

(Start - Settings - Control Panel - Display - Desktop - Browse - find Dashboard.html - OK!)

5. Replace wallpaper.jpg with your own background. Just keep the same name. Click on the desktop and hit F5 to reload your new wallpaper.

There are lots of stuff not working or not working properly yet. Address Book is totally useless, iTunes remote only has these 3 buttons and doesn't support other than english names, the widget selector may behave strangely at first, etc.

Let me know of any other bugs you find, comments or anything.

Good luck!


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Originally posted by TheBigB@Jul 10 2004, 03:15 AM

iTunes's controller doesn't work. it says path not found. otherwise everything works GREAT!


IF you've followed the instructions (use the specific path, IE settings, etc), try setting your wallpaper to something else (apply it, don't just select it), and then back to dashboard.html

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Originally posted by Ken@Jul 9 2004, 08:31 PM

IF you've followed the instructions (use the specific path, IE settings, etc), try setting your wallpaper to something else (apply it, don't just select it), and then back to dashboard.html


tried that. i have a dual xp boot (mce and pro) does that possibly cause it? i tried running it in c: and d: all in \system\wallpaper.

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Originally posted by davjon70@Jul 10 2004, 10:58 AM

This is awesome!  Thank you Ken.


Click pic for full size!


Hey nice one dav! Wat's that tabber program you'r using and where can I download that from?

Edit: Oh yeah, how bout those awesome icons too? Cheers!

On Topic: Awesome stuff Ken. Gonna try it out soon! :)

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Originally posted by thecowgoesmoo@Jul 10 2004, 02:36 AM

very nice job, ken - how do i remove "preview release" from it?


that , and were do i get the itunes monitor, cuase the itunes remote wont display whos playing the the puzle wont seem to work.

but this is freaking awsome!

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