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[wip] Dashboard Wallpaper

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Hello all!

Dashboard Wallpaper is an active desktop made 99% in Flash.

Unlike the real Dashboard, this is on bottom of every window as it's actually a web page that you set as desktop background.

What it does so far:

:: It shows/hides all widgets similar to real Dashboard by just clicking on the desktop

:: You can select your own picture background.

:: Calendar can go back/forth in months, jump to today or select any day of the month. Doesn't show events.

:: Clock shows local time.

:: Calculator is fully functional. Just a little buggy rarely.

:: iTunes thingy shows title/artist for song being played in iTunes. Play/Pause/Next/Previous work, too.

:: Sticky note just lets you edit the text displayed.

It still needs a lot of work in order to become fully functional. Would like to know what you think about this idea, though.

Have a nice day!


Edit: More features and a preview are available below

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[update] What's been added so far:

:: widgets positions are saved and recalled when u start your computer or just reload the wallpaper (works in the preview, too)

:: calendar is a bit faster to navigate. shows year, too

:: some calculator bugs fixed

:: sticky note text is automatically saved. you can change its colour by clicking on its corner

Preview here: http://www.oxygen-inc.com/kenx/Dashboard/preview.html

Thanks a lot for your comments, people!

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how will this work when its finished. im not sure how u make flash your desktop.

will u beable to have icons and your startbar and dock and all that good stuff.

and will u be able to change the background of the dashboard wallpaper.

oh and it looks awsome by the way.

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[good news] You can have icons on your desktop...

[bad news] ...but their label loses transparency (happens whenever you set a web page as wallpaper).

[good news] Taskbar, dock and shadows (yzshadow) have no problems with it.

[good news] I've already added support for custom background pictures.

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