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[question] Apple Product Placement

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I don't know if this was worth pointing out, but in Singapore, the television channels are now showing a credit card advertisement (can't remember which card). In it, a man uses the advertised credit card to buy what is obviously an Apple iPod, although they never showed the brand or product name on it (of course).

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That request is nearly impossible to fulfill, because there are so many movies and shows with Macs and Apple products in them. Seeing Apple products is so exciting and interesting, especially in movies and TV shows. So is seeing Coca-Cola and DeWALT.

Altho' a large majority of computers in the general population are Wintels, contrarily the large majority of computers used by the Hollywood industry are Macs. So seeing Macs in movies and on TV is common. A computer is a tool people use, just like a car, a miter saw, or a pencil. Seeing the same brand tool or product one uses, such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Ford, DeWALT, or Ticonderoga, in a movie or on TV is highly exciting.

All the remodeling and decorating shows, on TLC and ABC, ("Trading Spaces," "While You Were Out," "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," etc.) seem to use and show PowerBook G4 models, but cover the Apple logo with tape, most often silver tape. So that obviously defeats the "product placement."

In the movie "You've Got Mail," Meg Ryan's character, Kathleen Kelly, uses a Macintosh PowerBook G3 "Kanga", (introduced 11/97), or a Macintosh PowerBook 3400c, (introduced 2/97). The exact model she uses can't be determined from looking at the outer plastic case, as both machines have the same plastic case.

In the TV show "Moonlighting," the female lead character has a Macintosh on her desk.

From the very beginning on "Seinfeld," Jerry always had the latest Macintosh on his desk in his apartment, yet he was never shown using it (IIRC & AFAIK). The Mac changed each season. The first season was a Macintosh Classic (probably Color Classic), during another season there was a PowerBook Duo desktop system, and 1997 was a 20th Anniversary Macintosh.

I also see the Apple iPod in movies and shows lately. I just saw the iPod in an ad for Eminem. ;)

The iPod shuffle is in the movie "The Christmas Blessing."

And there is an apple on the teacher's desk in "Little House on the Prairie." (Subliminal product placement advertising?)

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