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[help] Slipstreaming System Files

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i've been reading up about slipstreaming here and here.

it seems like you can create your own xp install disks, with files already in there.

so.... you should be able to create an xp install disk with uxtheme.dll already replaced, themes already in the themes folder, wallpapers in the wallpapers folder and stuff that don't require registry entries to be installed already installed like ave, yz and others. also don't see why you can't have all the system files changed to have mac style icons already.

i've been wanting to format my laptop ever since i got it, because of all the preinstalled junk it came with. am going to have a go at making some of my own xp installs with sp1 and lots of aqua mods slipstreamed in there, over this weekend.

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ya, was just reading about that one. can you add your own files in aswell?

http://unattended.msfn.org/index.htm this place teaches you how to create a setup disc that will install programs for you aswell as the os, so stuff like photoshop, office, dreamweaver, all your favourite games and applications will be there ready to use right away once windows is done installing.

i'm wondering about all the dll files and stuff, since windows won't be running while i'm replacing them for this will windows still install properly if there are different files put in there by me.

no that wasn't very written clearly, my ability to word a sentence seems to have left me for the night.

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