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[ann] Stefan Die Yesterday

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11.2.1981 - 2.7.2004

Submitted by Seppel on June 3, 2004 - 19:40, GMT +0200.

Yesterday evening at 23:00 one of my best friends, one of my best critics, one of the most valuable programmers of PearPC, the one who could help me in all situations, the one with whom I had the best time of my life, died after getting hit by a train.

Stefan 'steveman' Weyergraf -- Rest In Peace. We'll never forget you.

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that is a sad new !!! he was a genius !!! and you can`t find people like him everywhere !! :( :cry:

Maybe this Project Gonna Stop For a While ..............

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Originally posted by babypapichulo@Jul 3 2004, 06:59 PM

:cry:  OMG...This better not be a prank!!!!


With GillBates' help. I was just trying to work with PearPC for the first time yesterday.

This is very sad news. My heartfelt condolances to all involved.


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well 23 is quite young. a life not lived, children not had. but somethign he did give was his part of a program that will be dear to us for years to come, as we are going to faithfully use it to emulate PPC computers. at least i will...

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Oh man, Stefan was a great man... :( What an awful way to die, at the hands of societies great convieninces (sp?)...

He will be greatly and sorely missed, hopefull he will not be forgotten. and through his PPC emulating environments he will live on... :cry:

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This is very Sad news to hear, I hope that he is happy wherever he is now.

May your cares be thrown to the wind.

May your spirit live on through each one of us

May your program and help never come to an end

May everyone who knew you never forget you, my friend.

-Jimmy S

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Originally posted by wookietv@Jul 3 2004, 03:43 PM

according to the dates above, he was 23


Much too young to die...what a horrible thing. Trains are pretty damn hard to survive.

I hope that his family is doing OK.

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