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ObjectDock Trick


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i was sleepy and found this out..


if you take a shortcut from the right of the Divider , and drag it slowly to the task panel. it will kick all the tasks out. and allow you to place shortcuts in the left side.. while having new tasks show up on the right..

i have left the trash icon on the right. to get the REAL OSX look to the dock..

this is kinda tricky to accomplish. but can be done..

i don't know how stable it is. but it hasn't died yet..

it doesn't seem to want to stay set on close and restart..

maybe jeff could point out what this is..

have fun..

PS.. if ya notice.. i've also hacked the dock background :P:P:P

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maybe in your opinion Blade which you are entitled to have, but I really think this is the closest animation to OSX not to mention well IT'S ANIMATION, I don't like alotta Stardock stuff 'cept WindowBlinds which i've been faithfully using since it came out, but this is the FIRST release and it already looks amazing. All the other customizations we all are craving will prolly be in part released within the next update, patience. B)

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actually.. objectdock is very close to the original..

and it has allot more features then the other docks currently available..

which dock do you use??

if it's better i'll try it.


i used yer every day resource editor to hack the background..

however.. the bmps are like most of Jeff's programs.. (hacked up into VERY small pieces)

i think he does this on purpose. :P

actually it's probobly so it runs faster (which it does)


customizations ?

how customizable do you want it.. i thought the point of having an OSX dock. was to look like OSX..

if someone makes an OSX dock. and you customize the heck out of it

that kinda defeats the purpose of billing it as an OSX dock..

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@ j450n

Not everyone here necessarily wants an OSX dock.. I myself was shown to this site by a Mac-enthused friend of mine, but I'm not into the whole mac emulation thing, I just like the concept of having a dock. I personally don't care how OSXish it is, I'm looking more for functionality as a toolbar persay. A really freakin neat toolbar, but a toolbar nonetheless. Therefore, customization would be nice to have, IMO.

I understand that most everyone here is here because they like OSX and they want that OSXish look to windows, but I'm here because this is a great place to keep on top of the dock development, and that's it. :D

No hard feelings, just expressing how I feel, and perhaps how oldschoolstyl33 also looks at it. (can't really be SURE on that second one, but it's a guess).


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Heh, nope, never knew of LiteStep dock until about yesterday when I read it from your dock reviews page (linked from the AquaSoft main page). You didn't exactly give it a glowing review either. (and by this I mean it always seemed to 'not have this feature' or similar things, I'm not saying you directly said it sucks) :P

And I'm not trying to say wanting an OSX dock is all that bad a thing, all I'm saying is I 'm gonna try all the docks, and based on which I like, I'll use. If the one I like happens to be OSXish, so be it. :lol:

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i get that l33t thing all the time..

KDE is a shell for Linux.. (unix)

(most unix Gui's have a dock , including OS X)

there are quite a few programs that do this on windows.

out way b4 anyone even started on OSX docks..

i'll post some links tonite when i get home..

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