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July 2004 Screenshots

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Originally posted by kidrocky7@Jul 9 2004, 07:09 PM

VS: Ashen mod by me

Wall: Elisha_Cuthbert - orig. pic'- bill-14787



Y'z Dock


Beautiful wallpaper Kidrocky7, so sad you often show so much windows on them....Possible to have a link for wallpaper plz ?

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My 1st mac shot. This is a G4 with a 17" (?) cinema display at my dad's lab. Not my computer (yet hehe) so I can't have much changed on it. They use it for running DNA Sequencing programs, although it is hardly ever used because my dad is a Biologist not a DNA guy. I get it all to myself.


By the way, I completely prefer Firefox over Safari.

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MacLife, that is one beautiful desktop. Can you link me to the wallpapers and what is that desktop widget displaying the internet links? Also, How did you get the icons in list display? Was it SystemMeter, because that's what I've been using.

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Originally posted by babypapichulo@Jul 10 2004, 02:38 AM


OMG that is amazing!! Can you please tell me were you got that 3D sticky? those are incredible (if that is tiger then never mind...)

EDIT: can't be tiger with the tab dock..... >.<


Tab Docks are possible in OSX with Dragthing

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