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ObjectDock Recycle bin


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1st; ObjectDock is the BEST, :rolleyes: at least when i type this.

anyone have same problem with the bin like me?


because we still need the taskbar so, i request:

auto show running apps icons when not available in the dock

minimized window only icon,

special icon that represent start menu,

special icon represent items in notification area.

the triangle

haha..don't tell me to buy a Mac okay...:P

thats all for now.

anyway thanks for this cool app.

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at the moment the recycle bin only tracks the recycle bin on the c:\ drive, which might explain the problem. seeing if I can fix that for future releases. If you're deleting stuff to your c:\ drive recycle bin and are having a problem with it updating correctly when you empty it & add items to it, let me know.

Checking out possible uses of the triangle, not sure what I want to do with that yet. Not sure what you mean by auto-show running app icons when not available in the dock - care to eleaborate? Systray functionality may be possible in the future, in the mean time I'd say just try using ObjectBar as the Mac finderbar counterpart for the systemt tray

glad you like ObjectDock ;)

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thanks for your quick response :D

"auto show running apps icons when not available in the dock"

what i mean is ; just like the original..., the dock will track any application that you run,

for example;

1; no word icon in right side of the dock

2; you open a word document from explorer.

3; an icon that represent new open window will shows up on the left of the dock

4; what i recommend is that on the right side of the dock, simultaneously a word icon will also automatically show up.

5; user can click this icon to start / open new word windows or right click to show/switch any related instance windows

6; when all word windows closed this icon will also disappear unless we 'stick' it on the docks

:unsure: well thats it, my English really Bad yes ??... :unsure:

HAHA maybe you can see apple aqua dock demo quicktime movie to see what i mean :P


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