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[release] Iboot

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I felt really bored this afternoon so I made a little something

for all those who still like playing around in msdos (In aqua-style of course):

Screenie 1

Screenie 2

Screenie 3

You can make an MS Dos 6.0 Boot disk and edit your boot.ini file.

Maybe in future versions I will include the option to choose different

operating systems such as QNX or linux. Maybe It will even let you

format a fllopy in Mac OS format... :naughty:

Anyway, for now, have fun. ;)

Hope you like it :)

Download Here :

Clicky Here!

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First of, I got a bunch of Mac OS X screenies of the web. Then I took one

into Paint, chopped it up, made it smaller, the right shape, etc. I separated the

buttons from the background and put all the bitmaps into a regular

slideshow maker. Then I used winzip to package the contents of an msdos 6.0

bootdisk and I made it auto-extract to a:\. Then I reshacked it and put in a

bunch of bitmaps and redid all the dialogs. Then I connected the stuff I had

done in the slideshow maker with a bunch of msdos batch skripts. I also

included the little Mario game which I put in the directory of the app. I made

another batch skript that would copy the contents of the directory containing

the app to the a:\ drive after it was formated. I then used an Inno2 skript to

pacck it all up and make an installer. :)


If I was a true programer I wouldn't be messing around with all these batch



If you wan't I can give you all the skripts. :)

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