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[release] Kapsules Public

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Version is now available for download!

This is the followup version to and boasts A LOT of fixes and additions to Kapsules.

Please find the upgrade zip and full installer here

The full change listis available here.

As per usual, I'll do my best to answer questions on this thread, but questions should be addressed on our direct support forums for Kapsules.


Thanks for everyone's support. As always new feature suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Ps. Could one of the mods please tag this thread properly? I cant figure out how to edit the thread title.

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I'm amazed right now at the reception its gotten to date.

If anyone would like to participate more you can always join the irc channel and hang there ( irc.freenode.net #kapsules ), we tend to chat in spurts there, or spread the word to any other sites you visit, and if youre interested in creating widgets, im always available via email, irc, or the forums for help with that.

Thanks for the kind comments everyone. :D

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The KapMeteorology widget doesn't work when there is no conection to internet... is this normal?... :blink: maybe would be better for this widget to behave like KapWeather, no internet connection then no information... but KapMeteorology crashed instead...

I say ... no internet connection then no information... better than crush!

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