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[release] Nexplorer 1.9 Mac Os X 10.3 Theme

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The best NeXplorer theme have come to even better and with full compatibly with new NeXplorer 1.9.

NeXplorer 1.9 Mac OS 10.3 Theme Preview


Click To Zoom

What new:

- Without Installer

- Themes optimize to new NeXplorer 1.9

- 1 New Icon (Computer)

- Redesigned all Label (Again)

- Redesign Default Blue label

- Redesign Highlight

- Redesigned all Arrows

- Redesigned all Size Balks (or what is that blue horizontal and vertical balk?)

- Redesigned all Eject Button

- Redesigned Drive icon (with 16,32,48,64,72,96,128 size)

- Redesigned Folder icon (with 16,32,48,64,72,96,128 size)

Theme include:


- 2 Mac OS X Panther Skin (Blue and Graphite)

- 1:1 Real Mac OS X shadow

- Different Caption Font and Statusbar Font than default (better adjustment in caption text)

- Mac OS X Systems button what behaviour like real Finder

- Hidden Up button (Real Mac OS X Finder not include that button)

- Mac OS X Icon folder: Most used sidebar shortcut icons (in PNG format)

- Redesigned rightarrow

- Redesigned Highlight

- Redesinged Folder icon

Ini system file:

- Include real Icon Spacing from Mac OS X

- Include real Default Size (Width and Height) from Mac OS X

- Include real Default Shortcut from Mac OS X

Mac OS X Labels:

- 7 different high quality Label

Download NeXplorer 1.9 Mac OS X 10.3 Theme

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