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[ann] New Samurize Announced


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NeM has announced the new version of Samurize. It should be released soon.

Here is a quote:

The next release is in testing at the moment and is performing very well  ETA for the public release is not yet definite but it is likely to be within a week or so.

For a list of some the changes, check out this forum thread. Note that this list is by no means complete; there are a few surprises that will not be revealed until the public release

As usual, if you want to get in early on the action, make a donation using the Paypal button on the right and we'll hook you up with the next release before it goes public!


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The next release is still a long way off.. but nevertheless, here's the usual list of stuff that has already been done:


* fixed WMI crashing bug

* fixed vertical alignment issue

* fixed paste decimal issue

* fixed minor antialiased Graph glitch

* fixed rectangle glitch

* fixed bizarre floating point error

* fixed rare Activescript bug

* fixed all decimal separator issues (numbers should all be formatted correctly according to your locale - previously the decimal seperator was always '.' regardless of your locale)

* fixed config editor saving bug that occured if an ActiveScript meter had no script selected


* new AMPI (kudos to Tropics)

* enhanced Screensaver (kudos to Tropics)

* improved script execution

* added "actual" pagefile size to Memory meter

* tweaked scrolling

* heaps of missing translations added

* middle mouse button pastes at mouse cursor in config editor

* improved config loading error handling

* improved script execution

* improved script error reporting

* minor tweaks to config editor

* built-in Winamp meter % playlist completion

* Date/Time meter week number

* advanced WMI selection

* scroll pausing

New Features

* absolute always on top for client

* RubyScript support

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New Features

* absolute always on top for client

* RubyScript support

Absolute always on top? Does that mean that we can now put a weather widget on top of Objectbar and it will stay up there even without focus? That would be cool!

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