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What Do Your Nicks Mean/stand For?

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I started using that nickname some 8 years ago when I started chatting on AOL 'CHAT' means cat in French.

"Sapristi! " is an archaic exclamation/swear word in French, you know something like "by Jove!"

Chatpristi is then a mixture of the two. It's also very convenient because nobody has sofar thought of coining out such a silly nick

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the irony in my nickname is that "perfectionist" is non capitalised when 'Levi' and "The" both are...

as for my nickname, it comes from my OCD nature... I constantly organise things into meticulous order and I believe this also carries into my desire to have the perfectly themed computer... Im also extremely fussy about all the details in computer conversation.

ohh and my name online is Levi.

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I heard that rimmer is boiling/extremely melted steel. I thought this name suits me because: 1) I'm a metallist, the Manowar fan 2) sometimes I cant get so furious that is not very safe to stay near me. 3) good things can be forged with my help eventually :) My nick should be spelled in CAPSLOCK because of "Loud as it can be" principal by Manowar :) A while ago I started adding "333" digits to my nick because many forums and other sites said that RIMMER is already registered (not the Aqua-Soft case fortunately).

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This is my oldest nickname (been using it for about 15 years now, since bbs days), it came from a friend who used to train in martial arts with me. he was from south africa, and apparently in some form of one of the many languages they have there - it means "the end of the world". i just love it :)

I also go by "The Dr." in more recent registrations. That's 'cause i took 5 years of med. school, after which i decided to pursuit a career in computer software. But everyone at work keeps asking me for medical advice, showing me their blood test results and generally telling me stuff i don't really want to know :o

when someone at work refers to me with this nick, i know some story (which usually involves wayyyy too much information) is about to ensue.

It is also a tribute to one of my favorite all time tv shows - "Doctor Who". though i preferred christopher ecclestone to the new guy, england still has some of the best teli ever ;P

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It is curious to see a thread from year 2004 respawned this way :P

-- warning: boring story follows --

Whatever, I think this will be a good point to remark something: my nickname has nothing to do with Bright Matonga, someone from Africa or something like that (I don't know much about him, either, even though I receive lots of mails for him in my gmail account... LOL).

I was nicknamed matonga by my best friend around 2001. Since then, all my friends, class mates, etc... started calling me matonga. Even my bosses and coworkers try to call me like that, getting to the point of having me follow no orders until call me by my real name.

BTW my real name is Matías.

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Ultim is from the wrestler Ultimo Dragon, waaaay back, probably in like 2002/3, when I was like 8 or 9, I loved wrestling at that point in my life.

Recently i've changed my usernames to jackehBLUD because I like the way it sounds and I like grime music so it all goes into place :) and my name is Jack haha.

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in cant bealive all this is in the forums... nice

by the way, my name was nade out of inspiration, i just thought of "holo" 13 is my favorite number, and x for sheer fun, now I use it for everything, funny how something so dumb becomes pert of you.

do not double post - use the edit function - mps69

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... I think i may have already explained mine... but seeing as the thread has been resurrected, heres a little on mine.

Levi- The perfectionist

My real name is not actually Levi. (Though it is quite close), Levi is my online presence.

I love Levi jeans, and the name Levi.

The perfectionist- well this came from me being pedantic when I started customization...and in general, Im sort of a know-it-all in correcting people on the fine details perhaps.

When it comes to customisation Im even more of a perfectionist now. In creating my themes I ensure all colors are exactly the right hue, and that the images are pixel perfect. No odd pixels go unnoticed (even on the smallest of buttons).

The irony comes in my screen name however... the "perfectionist" does not have a capital "P" and it bugs me every time I look at it. I think I got distracted or frustrated when I set up my account.


My other online presence. mainly in deviant art etc.

I am unko (unco-ordinated) and earned the title early on during school playing football.

One day at school, my friends and I were talking about nicknames and I said I didnt want to be called 'unko' anymore... so we came up with the name "Lemas" (pronounced Lemurs) a combination of my first name Le*** and my last name Mas*** .

But no matter how I tried I couldnt shake the name unko, so I became 'the-unko-lema'.

(For those of you who don't know, a lemur is a small Madagascan monkey like creature, that jumps around unco-ordinated, much like me playing football).

Inkabob Silverwater.

Hah! ... well... I dont ever use this one.

But I was talking with my new friends (out of school now) and they asked me if I'd ever dress in drag "Hell NO!" ...

Then as the conversation progressed they went onto naming conventions for drag queens, working out my appropriate "Drag Queen" Name.

Its the name of your first pet+ the name of the street you grew up on.

My first pet was a blue tongue lizard we called inkabob. (ink because he had a blue tongue, and bob because we thought the name 'Bob' was funny at the time)

I grew up on a street called "Silverwater".

So there u go, my drag name as well (I have never Dragged d/w) =P

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The 'MP44' refers to a gun I have a fascination with (the first assault rifle), and the 'x' is there to make it more interesting, I suppose. If you wanted to, you could easily say MP44 is a way of saying 'The Original' (hard to understand, I know), but that's not how I intended it to be.

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