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What Do Your Nicks Mean/stand For?

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Originally posted by XJOSHATTACKX+Jul 4 2004, 03:06 AM-->
QUOTE(XJOSHATTACKX @ Jul 4 2004, 03:06 AM)
What? Master Shake... the best? NO! Meatwad gets the hunnies G.

Shake and Meatwad are both excellent. Let's not forget friggin' Carl, eh?

"I don't need instructions to know how to ROCK!

I think Shake's just a total asshole and he's by far the funniest on the show, in my opinion. He's got some of the most memorable lines to me. My favorite show on television, next to Family Guy.

Master Shake: You know what that means don't you? Somebody's a little bi-curious.

Meatwad: I ain't no bi-curious. I'm a man's man.

Master Shake: Well, not anymore. I've planted the seed of doubt!

Meatwad: You don't say that. I'm a man. And if yall need me, i'm gonna be in the garage....hanging sheet rock....around an engine that i'm rebuilding.

Master Shake: Look at the way he rolls....

Meatwad: Where's my chewing tobacco?

Master Shake: ....just like a woman.

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Originally posted by Between The Buried And Me@Jul 4 2004, 04:40 AM

Shake and Meatwad are both excellent.  Let's not forget friggin' Carl, eh?

every character rocks ... the whole show is pure comic genius.

personally, ignignot is my favorite ... that smug, monotone voice is friggin hilarious! ... just glad to have found other aqua teen fans :)

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I'm only bringin this topic back from the dead because my nick got used incorrectly this morning... Mikeskid= Mike's Kid. My dad is Mike, I'm his kid, I didn't used to talk to him much so I decided that he'd be happy if my website was kinda named after him. And he is. I am Ian not Mike.


Carl: "Now, you stay away from me! Why? Becuz your weird!"

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bunkka.....well i use to be really big into the trance thing before i got into ...jungle drum n bass. and one of paul oakenfolds cd's was called bunkka. put 2 and two together, i took it and my friends started calling me it...after a little force.

-bunkka :canadian:

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Well my current nick here is emptyglass. It stood for that old proverb weather you see the glass half empty or half full, Iam pretty sure you can figure out which one I choose. As for my other s/n Bioxoxide I got Xoxoide part from the website xoxide.com cuz they always had cool parts for comps and the Bio part I had to trow in cuz xoxide sounded funny.

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Originally posted by deadzombie@Jul 9 2004, 05:27 PM

But do you eat like the legendary hero does?


believe it or not, I do. And unlike SOME people, :rolleyes: I dont get fat.

But at least, I dont eat brains or human intestins and considered a carbon monoxide consumer :rock:

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Started using this name as a tag on the streets (5 or so years back for graff) then just kept it and used it for almost anything I needed an alias for. Only till about a year ago I found out it was an actual word in the dictionary lol, weird...

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Mine is short reverse of my other nickname... YoGi --> iGo.

The idea is that YoGi is my real life nickname... so iGo is my alter-ego in virtual life. :)

Those who are old members, will remember my previous username being igoy, that is before I requested it to change and loose the Y in process.

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Mine used to be Fatboi, as apposed to Phatboi which sounds like I'm trying to hard, but when I started gettin called Fatty all the time I decided on a name change. At the time I'd just found an awesome guitar remix of Red XIII's theme (from FFVII) called RedXIII Redux by AmIEvil. The Fantom part is an intentional misspelling of Phantom, because Phantoms are ghosts, who have come back from the dead in a sense, and Redux roughly means "to come back". Then FantomRedux was born.

I've used it everything for about 4 years now, except for my Warlock on WoW, because I don't like the look of my nick when the R isn't capitalized. For WoW I use Mail'Thas, or I would if it let you have multiple caps/ apostrophes. My real name is Liam, and the prince of the Blood Elves is Kael'Thas, so I used that, since my char is a Belf :)

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