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What Do Your Nicks Mean/stand For?

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Welll....mine is from a character in a book series I used to read called Redwall. There was a mouse called Juniper and one of the hares (I think it was Basil) called him juno once and voila, my name was born! I have used it for just about everything since then, namely counterstrike(anyone remember me?) Not from the ISP!

NOT CAPITALIZED!!!!!! :6 :woot:

Topic Title Edited.

Since when has there ever been a [fun] tag?

Also, this is General Discussion, we don't need tags in here, unless it's really neccessary.


Stevie BM

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Originally posted by juno@Jun 8 2004, 06:02 PM

God damn man! How big do I have to make the TEXT!!!


My teachers taught me too well, to write someone's name without caps is like asking me to believe Infinity.

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I owned a lable/merch company called Action:Attack!, People started calling me Josh:Attack! but since i'm a sXe kid, i had to add the opening/closing X's.


sXe a.k.a Straight-Edge a.k.a. Someone who doesnt consume anything that would alter ones' state of mind.

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the name of a script that a mate and i wrote about a pseudo band we were in called Queer Wookie (pseudo meaning we tried to be a real band, realized we sucked and then created this whole "history" about us of gigs we played, etc... we were actually listed in spin magazine as the 2nd worst band in america, which we proudly submitted our worst stuff... the mascot was a chewbacca in a tutu)

btw-if you google the name queer wookie, you'll get pages that have lists of weird band names.

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es.xxi (which I now use in the format of "esXXI") derived from a previous format of writing it which was; S|21 (Big note; The |2 are the divider and "2", not meant to be the 'l337' "R") which in turn was a re-format of what it was before that; Suhgurim-21st.

Suhgurim is the 21st Daemon of the Necronomicon, hence Suhgurim-21st, hence S|21, hence es.xxi, hence esXXI.

So I've used the same origin for my nick-name for the past.. Ohhh.. 3/4 years now. About half my internet-connected life. ;)

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"Mr. B," is a nickname given to me a few years ago by an old science teacher. It was his custom it assign everyone a nickname, most of which we're alot more creative than mine. My initials are B.B. so it's no secret what the "B" means.

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Some of you guys have such cool, creative names (Josh:Attack!; esXXI; Seph)...

And then there's mine. My parents used to call me "Stevie B" ("short" for Steven Brian, my first and middle names), and I created a Hotmail account years ago - [email protected] - for which I lost the password (through under-use) and couldn't remember the answer to my secret question (due to obscurity)... So I ended up making a new account - [email protected] - and everything I've registered for (save AIM) since that date has allowed me to register as either stevie_bm or Stevie BM...

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