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[ann] Airport Express

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so I could take this and plug it into the wall right next to my stereo and run the audio cable to my stereo and stream my iTunes library to my stereo from my PC? WOW

And this would work even if I have a Linksys Wireless Router on my PC?

yes, it would act as a client of your wireless router i think. Unfortunately won't work as an access point in a 'wireless mesh network' unless you use it with an airport extreme basestation. basically you won't be able to use it as a wireless repeater, but if that can reach your linksys box, i expect your laptop can too.

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Anyway, Squeezebox on the way for me next month! I think the Roku player looks a little smarter, but not enough to justify the heavier price tag (besides it not even out yet whereas I can pickup the Squeezebox in the UK for around £185).

Best thing about the Slimserver software that powers the Roku and Squeezebox is that as well as setting it to use a folder for your music collection, you can instead set it to read your iTunes database, and continue using iTunes to manage your music collection, whilst the Slimserver just pulls the data from the iTunes XML file and updates automatically. You can even access your iTunes playlists.

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Ok, I realize I am coming to this a bit late, but I am looking to buy an Apple "Airport" to stream music to my home stereo. The issue I am dealing with at this time is the fact that I have never had a need to build a wireless network as I have only on PC in my home. What would I need in addition to the Airport in order for the PC to send the signal to my stereo? Is there any step by step guide to getting a streaming network off the ground for people who have no experience with routing signals?

I have a network capable PS2 as well that I would like to take advantage of, which is also beside my home stereo.

Would it be better to say to heck with Apple and by a Prismiq which also supports video?

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Airport (original) is 802.11b. Airport Extreme (which the Airport Express base station comes under) is 802.11b/g.

yer point is?

he wants to install airport, not airport express which is why it is TOtALLY not supposed to be here

btw pe9er i am staff but i am not a mod

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no need for correction b/c i was right that airport was 802.11b and not g which is extreme

airport isn't in production any more but you can get airport express base station... you need an extreme card for mac or just a wireless G card for PC

and for your PS2 you can use xLink Kai and play on the net w/ it

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airport isn't in production any more but you can get airport express base station... you need an extreme card for mac or just a wireless G card for PC

That's (Airport Express) what he is talking about. Most of the time you here it as Airport anyway even though there is the original Airport and the Airport Extreme brandings. Hence why I corrected you (seeing as myhubris needs help with all of this, I can't blame him for the mistake with the name)

myhubris, any wireless access point that has an ethernet adapter can be used on a PS2. The same can be done on a PC that has an ethernet adaptor.

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