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[help] There Is A Problem With The Milk Suite?


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I tried many times putting the name, metric and etc... configs that the milk suite asks for me... (Campinas, BR ''m'' BRXX0050)

But he still in n/a??

what's is the problem, if anybody knows how to help me...

I'm tired... hehehhehe


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There could be many different causes to this error, try inputting another location to see if that works e.g. UKXX0085 (London)

If the other location:

1) Doesn't work either then there might be something wrong with weather.com.

2) Does works then there might be a problem with your current location.

Whichever way there isn't anything wrong with the widget! :lol: <--joke

Seriously, try the above steps to narrow down the problem also try deleting the temp cache located in your X:\Docs and Settings\Local settings\Temp\weather.2004 folder (I'm at work so I might be wrong on the location but whichever way its in one of the temp folders).

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