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[help] Web Space Needed :/


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As you may, our current provider is totally crappy (yet it's free).

So we are looking for some webspace

If you have something to offer, just pm me here or on the expire board.

And because nothing in its world is free, the person who will be hosting us will join the beta-test (sorry we don't have money lol)

Thanks for your help :)


PS: eventually a jail() on some unix box would be the best :)

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To all the ppl who pm/responded me:

sorry guys I did check out your offers, but I didn't have time to study them for now. Be busy with "real life" stuff.

I'll study them ASAP and give you feedback :)


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i MIGHT have a friend taht could do this for you...ill see and then post it for you...but with all these other poeple willing to help i coudl just be antoher download server (still useful. imagine all the publicity ur gonna get)

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