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Apple 5ux @55

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the story goes... many iPod's died in the last few weaks... and apple discussion forum is full of complaints... and today they erased my thread just because they saw so much people sayng whats going on and will apple do something?... they are covering up the mess.. this is not something i would expect from apple...

mail I got:

Your post titled "3 PC's wont see my iPod" has been removed from Apple Discussions. This area is intended to address technical issues. Posts including (but not limited to) any of the following are not appropriate:

* Discussions of Apple policies and procedures (including pricing and repair policies)

* Speculations/rumors about future Apple decisions

* Questions/rumors about unreleased products

* Posts in the technical forums that are not directly related to a technical support issue

* Polls, petitions, auctions, or advertisements

* Posts that are only complaints

* Posts which contain or imply abusive or obscene language

* Posts which are abusive to other Discussions users

blah blah.. etc...

donno what else to say.. i fave an iPod that doesn't sync with my pc.. and the only way to get it replaced is to go to usa.. washington DC.. and now I am in hell hole serbia... my world is falling around me...

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You obviously broke one of their rules, or posted something that they deemed inappropriate.

What lots of people tend to forget is that forums - especially corporate forums - are not there for whatever people want to post.

As for people complaining on a company's forums about things, they're well within their rights to remove the complaints - for one thing, they explicitly specify that they will remove complaints, and for two, they have customer support staff to deal with customer complaints - the forums are for technical discussions, not complaints.

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i don't know what your post contained but "3 PC's wont see my iPod" sounds like a prime candidate for "area is intended to address technical issues"

this is a typical problem with corporate sites... in some ways corporate forums can be used as an advertising method (remove negative statements, maintain positive ones) and as a free customer support method (allow knowledgable customers fix problems that the company should have addressed themselves).

your best bet is to find a solution/***** on a non-apple site... there's plenty of ipod ones.

the apple mini/ipod responses make me think of the pathetic farcry responses/actions at their forums over ati issues. If companies would just admit their shortcomings and that they are working on them they would do more for their customer satisfaction than they know. Truth in advertising would help too.

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Well, since we are on the topic, things that wont be accepted here are flamewars, so stay away from turning this into a flamewar.

I will be watching and since you have been warned i will add +1 warn level to anyone trying to flame here.

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@ Stevie i have to support ru_sic cause he didn`t post anything wrong. Trust me, he`s my very good mate and i actually posted in that thread and i was watching closely that thread. I think Apple did this in few more occasions before admitting the faulty products.

@ ru_sic - drugi put postuj topic sa normalnim naslovom :P

@ seph - damn u daddy for going on vacation and not letting ur offspring know. i was worried sick! :P bastard! :lol:

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I gotta jump in here, sorry, plz dont delete this mods :cry:

Unbeliever, your sig has incorrect wording of god's lyrics.

its "Things have never been so swell I have never felt this well!" (although kurt mumbles something different, but thats him, he does quite a bunch of them in many performances, mainly the unplugged one in NY). Although the first part can be "Things have never been so swell I have never faild to fail" and the second ends with "felt this well!"

iPod's battery sux!

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Originally posted by Unbeliever@May 27 2004, 05:42 PM

@ Stevie i have to supportĀ  ru_sic cause he didn`t post anything wrong. Trust me, he`s my very good mate and i actually posted in that thread and i was watching closely that thread. I think Apple did this in few more occasions before admitting the faulty products.

Fair enough...

It's still understandable that they do it - it's their corporate site, after all.

It's something a lot of companies do, to be honest.

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@ Goku - could be. This is what i found on most Nirvana/lyrics sites and i tried to figure out myself what he says and i feel this goes best with the rest of the song. I don`t rememver him performing "You know you're right" in NY :blink:

@ Stevie - true. I`m just waiting to see if this will become the "iBook motherboard" situation part2. ;)

@ ji eun - :6 :P

now when i read what i posted in my prev post i see it`s so illiterate i`m ashamed of it :P

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[off topic]don't mind my saying so but when i listened to the song i thought he said i have never felt so well... :smartass: oh well, i'm not a nirvana fan so :rolleyes: [/off topic]

i'd just like to ask ( a dumb question, but i'm not fortunate enough to have the magical paper/plastic/metal that we call money ) as to why it would be certain i-pods that are not recognized. could it not be the cable used?

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Originally posted by Globox@May 28 2004, 11:28 PM

Apple is so far from a perfect company it's sickening, which is why I love watching a lot of people here spout off about how great Apple is and how terrible Microsoft is.

I find that rather ironic, too...

Just a shame that it's not just here that's blinded by the marketing (as in "Watch out! Don't step in the marketing...").

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