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[release]new Audion Faces - Take A Look.


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Hello guys..as you can see...I'm no programer...so...wha do is jus edi some configs and pu he images i creae.So ,if anyone wans wih foobar or oher program,will have o do i...cause I can,bu I will no pu here some oher person creaion.

Like his exemple:

My samurize when plays a music,i also has he cd cover funcion,i apears a he lef boon wih my own samurize hing,so,if you wan ha,I can send i via email cause is no my configs.

he ones I did,are jus comon players wih,play,sop,Rew,FF,pause and close funcion.

Im beer wih images...


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Originally posted by faps2004@May 25 2004, 12:01 PM

Hello guys..as you can see...I'm no programer...so...wha do is jus edi some configs and pu he images i creae.

Perhaps some credit to the authors of those graphics are due. Top one is "robbie" by Rob Gentile. Third one down is "Gizmo" by Bengt Sundin. I can't place the other two, but considering you are distributing (unauthorized) ports of thier work, the least you can do is mention thier names.

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Good work mate, but as rpeterclark has stated its always a good idea to give credit where its due.

Imagine how you'd feel if you spent a good deal of time perfecting graphics and creating a skin only to have someone else use it without noting your efforts?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticising you, just be sure to ask the author's permission before distributing their work or in the least giving them a good shout out in a readme. :)

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I received some gif files in my mailbox with a friend,a forum friend,asking for samurize players with those faces,I just did it.How could I know where did it come from men??Come on.

And Im not saying you're wrong...

But I ll keep helping. Ill keep doing it. :D

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it's not difficult to make the button work with foobar

simply change the link meter to

wscript.exe "X:\Program Files\Samurize\Scripts\Media Controller\Media.vbs" "XXXX"

for the "XXXX"

Play for play

Previous for previous song

Next for next song

Stop for stop

and for the playing time and playing percentage

simply replace it by make a new plug-in

use AMPI and it work fine with foobar


as u see :D

it work fine~


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