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[help] Flurry Screensaver Probs

Guest CyberWoofer

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Guest CyberWoofer

I have a prob with the Flurry screensaver for windows: It's really slow. About 1 frame per second. :( what do I do?


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That is very wierd.

Cyber Woofer does your PC meet it's mininum system requierments?

I've seen mine jitter and hic-up when I'm running lots of app's in the backgroundd but running at 1 frame per second. Try reinstalling it. that is the only solution I could think of.

And CyberWoofer, :bye:

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Originally posted by pantoni@May 23 2004, 09:50 AM

Have you tried to change the display mode in the Flurry screensaver settings? There should be three options.

Without OpenGL acceleration, none of 'em works better'n the others. -_-

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Man dont just quit. You should see the amount of crappy g-card problems I have been through to play video games (highest FPS possible etc)

MAKE SURE v-sync is off, anti-aliasing is off and that open gl clamp behavior is disabled.

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Guest CyberWoofer

I. I am not using a laptop

2. Yes I have changed the display options

3. Ok the I will re-install it.

4. I do not have HEAPS of background apps running

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I had a similar problem. If it is an Nvidia chipset you are using, try doing the following:

I actually found out what the problem was. I uninstalled my NVIDIA drivers, ran a detonator destroyer (one of these programs which clears the registry of all reference to NVIDIA drivers) rebooted and reinstalled the latest drivers.

That sorted it out for me when I was having problems with it.

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xxp default drivers are not opengl friendly.

I have an GeForce 4 Ti 4200 and i run p e r f e c t l y (recently formated but befor my format i was not running it as wall , but i worked well as screensaver) as Wallpaper (Vital-Desktop).

I used the latest detonator to get it work

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