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[help]linux On Pc(is There Any Program)

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kinda confusing question. linux already runs natively on pcs.

if you mean a "linux distribution that runs windows software" (which is what lindows is), then i believe you can get any distribution and try WINE. that should do the trick.

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I think he meant either is it possible to run linux on your pc without deleting any of your information on your pc. In this case you'd need a live cd distro, its boots off a cd. I recommend Knoppix

My other interpretation of your question was whether it is possible to run linux programs under windows. Most linux programs are also made for windows, and the ones that aren't, u can't run under windows.

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I guess he wants to run Linux executables on a Windows machine without

dual booting to Linux...

Difficult. Depends on the program. If it's a command line interface only, you can probably get its source code, compile and run it under a CygWin installation.

Even if it has a user interface, a standalone X11 server running as a window under windows can show its user interface then. CygWin and KDE enthusiasts are rumoured to compile and run KDE under Windows/CygWin as well, but they state this is not running out of the box and needs lots of tweaking.

If you have a few hundred dollars too much, buy VMWare for Windows.

There, you can boot a complete Linux inside an XP Window and its as fast as booting linux purely, since this is not an emulator and linux code gets executed directly. Collegues of mine are mostly fond of the other way round, booting a Windows 2000/XP partition inide a VMWare X11 window.

If you are not willing to pay for VMWare or Microsofts VirtualPC, you can also

try Bochs - its a CPU emulator and succeeds to emulate a 33 MHz PC inside a

1 GHz PC - there, you can boot Linux, DOS, Windows 3.0 to XP if you are willing to wait, but its most obvious shortage is that its graphics card emulation won't go

beyond 640x480 pixels...



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Knoppix or one of the many other liveCDs is your best bet if you just want to try linux. As someone else said, it runs right from CD and won't touch your harddrive.


Linspire/Lindows (both stupid names) DOES NOT specialize in running Windows software on Linux. When they were first created, that was their purpose, but they soon realized it was not possible (just too many little snags). Now they specialize in a "Windows replacement", that's linux software, but feels like Windows software.

You can run some windows software via WINE, a compatibility layer, but it's not perfect.

I never find myself wanting Windows software though, just for the record. You can find equal (and very often better) alternatives in Linux. The only thing you'll miss are some of the pro apps like Adobe's products, etc. Many pro apps do run though (Maya, Shake).

For running Linux inside Windows (not that you'd want to), you can look at Cygwin, and a new project CoLinux: colinux.org.

CoLinux is pretty early in development, but it can already run a full linux distro on your system using Cygwin. Very nice.

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