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[release] Kapsules - First Public Release

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First Public Release of Kapsules

Kapsules (version is a freeware program that can create scripted

"widgets" that can do just about anything. This includes checking the

weather, system information, and more.

Kapsules is a program similar in concept to Konfabulator. Widgets can be

scripted for it to flexibly create mini-programs on your desktop. These

widgets can then be used to do whatever the coder wants, and configured by

the user. Any ActiveScripting language can be used, granted the

ActiveScripting Engine for it is installed. Currently VBScript, JScript

(javascript syntax), Python and Ruby have been confirmed to work with


Available Widgets:

  • KapWeather
  • KapVWM
  • KapSysInfo
  • KapDrives
  • KapSlideshow
  • KapUsers*
  • BinaryClock*

*not included with installer


  • Windows 2000, XP or 2003
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
  • Microsoft Scripting 5.6


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Originally posted by andrew_@May 19 2004, 04:11 PM

Hrm. We could really use a place to post releases of generic windows software, where it didnt get bogged down in the thread list by help requests and the like, thoughts?

Thanks for the kind words all, i appreciate it!

Awesome apps! Now let's see ppl building widgets for it too!

This could possibly fall under Aqua Related Apps >> Releases Only.

//Trying to be Seph-like without Seph godly moderator powers. :naughty:

Seph knows best.

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Originally posted by kamengau@May 19 2004, 10:21 AM

This could possibly fall under Aqua Related Apps >> Releases Only.

He is right ;) . It is WIndows software but it is an aqua related app ;)


The Topic Has Been Moved

// Seph

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Samurize scripts can be ported like butta, like butta baby ;)

If you have a script you want ported, get permission from the samurize author, jump on the kapsules board and post the link and the permission and ill port it for you. :)

As far as Konfabulator widgets working with this, thats doubtful. Ive my reasons :)

If you have suggestions or helpful comments, I would like to encourage you to drop them at the website's forum. That'll help your friendly neighborhood developer ;) and the other users as well.


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Yup. Those are Third-Party widgets, which arent shipped in the installer.

The other 5 (yeah, i know there arent many.... YET) come with the installer.

But again, I dont always have time to check these forums, such questions would be great in an email to me or on the site's forums :)

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looks great so far. thank you for this andrew...very helpful indeed. I would suggest if you do have time to check these forums...I'm sure a lot of support could be had for your program as this is a popular place. who knows...down the road you may even be able to get your own forum, and lots of exposure for kapsules.

just a thought. :)

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