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[help] Ampi


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Thanks again for the help Kevin.......I guess my confusion is because earlier today before asking around on the board I emailed someone on the TadisGUI website named Ahmed and told him how I couldn't view track name, artist, etc. but that I had everything else running. He told me that I had to d/l the AMPI plug-in for Winamp??? What gives??? I really appreciate your help too!'


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Yup, if you have a media player(s) installed and install Samurize with the Media Plugins option enabled, the plugin(s) for the media player(s) you have installed will be installed to the appropriate location.

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Actually it's tadis:WEB :lol:

My apologies but when you emailed me, I had you confused with a friend who is testing a different widget which requires the Advanced mIRC Integration Plugin (AMIP) plugin for Winamp (not AMPI!) :lol:

Oh well... at least it all worked out in the end!

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