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[release] Nexplorer 1.7 Public Beta

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Hello , Aqua-soft citizens,

A new version of NeXplorer is available now.

This time it's really public beta.

Anybody can leave comments here BUT please read previous posts and

don't leave duplicate reports on the same problem.

And a word of encouragement is always welcome :)

***Known issues ***

- The icons on the top row look cut off in the Preview mode

- Opening a folder can be still a little slow. When I opened a folder

with 3000 jpg files , it took me about 6 seconds to open the folder.

But after opening, working in a folder is much faster than the previous version.

- File change monitoring can work weird.

- Alpha channel gets darker for some buttons in some skins.

- Font change may not be reflected until you restart .

- For some fonts, the text for color label may look bolder than noremal label.

**** Changes from the last version *****

- Comes with an installer now.

- The title bar and icon correspond to the current folder now.

- The columuns now open with a fixed witdth and look neater.

- The arrows in the columns are now aligned to right

- Faster browsing in preview mode

- Now you should use "folder.ico" instead of "folder.png" . And using "folder.ico"

doesn't slow down browsing at all.

- Disk monitoring looks more stable than before

- The issues with Objectdock and Avedesk solved now.

- If you right-click on a folder and choose explore , it opens a new instance of


- You can change the Font now.

- The preview mode is automatically turned off when you open another folder.

This is experimental. I will let users to choose view settings for each folder

- Right click - search on a folder now opens a new search window by explorer.

Use it until fully functional search is implemented.

**** How to install *****

Just open the zip file and run setup.exe

It will complain about some registry entries but choose "ignore" on both cases

I am concerned about browsing speed most because there were quite a lot of

people who were not happy with the speed last time. So please leave me a

quick note about speed before you leave a full bug report.

I also changed the disk monitoring routine so please let me know if the app does

something weird like double display.

BIG THANKS to Bzeitler for beautiful skins !!

Thanks a lot for your help


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Originally posted by ChiLam@May 6 2004, 07:34 PM

problem here, Error 1406, could not write value  VersionMinor to key UNKNOWN\Products|......    during installation

Just ignore it. This is my first time using install shield so probably I did something

wrong on options.

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Thank you so much Vneumann.

I am extremely impressed with your work and how you managed to figure out how to solve all of the problems.

In a word you rock!

In several words, thank you very much and I'm sorry I had a go at you about purism.

Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort I realise that this really couldn't have been easy.

So you have done a Great Job!!

-Jimmy S

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Originally posted by TheSoleEmulator@May 6 2004, 08:03 PM

first of all good work man


when choosing a color label the text vanishes

It's because you don't have the font NeXplorer is using.

Choose one of the fonts you have in the font option or install the default

(Lucida Grande TT) font.

Right now, it supports only True type fonts . No Adobe fonts .

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Originally posted by TheSoleEmulator@May 6 2004, 08:11 PM

i actually have it ....check my prevous post for further bugs

Hmm... I think you have a registry problem.

The setting is not being written to the registry or two instances of nexplorer

are accessing the registry at the same time.

Check under HKEY_CURRENT_USER / software / nexplorer 1.5 using regedit

and see how they look

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