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Serious Samurize V1.50 Released


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Get it here.


* DLL error fixed that caused tadis' Milk Suite to crash

* fixed network paths issue

* fixed IME issue for Asian users (improved config editor loading time)

* fixed zooming in on small images bug

* all/multiple perfmon selections now work as expected


* updated AMPI plugins (kudos to Tropics)

* smaller zoom levels

* next/previous meter cyclic

* ctrl-pgup/pgdn for switching tabs

* smooth scrolling

* "bounce" scrolling

* each instance can only be open once

* environment variables expanded for script/plugin parameters

* image antialiasing option in config editor

* sound/command alerts can each have individual settings

* custom WMI class input box for WMI chooser window

* BMP/GIF/JPEG output formats for the Server

* installer should close media players if installing/removing

New Features:

* command line options galore!

* Perlscript/python support

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Originally posted by realitybath@May 6 2004, 01:06 PM

great release nem!, albumart is working like in 1.3(thanks tropics), and somehow you've fixed the error i've been getting on quit for the past 4 or 5 sam versions.  Great improvements, looks like you've been busy. :canadian:

Thank you all for the kind words; it's nice to get some positive feedback instead of the usual "you've screwed this up ***** moan w*nk" ;)

What error was that btw, just out of interest?

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I actually have been waiting to update since people have been having those issues with albumart and whatnot, but i think I'll probably end up getting this version. Thanks for the continued hard work and for being a good sport.

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Originally posted by Telmo@May 6 2004, 03:53 PM

any chances of adding ruby to the list of scripting languages supported now that perl and python made it there?

Ruby?? Never heard of it :D

Does it work with the Microsoft Script Control?

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Originally posted by NeM@May 6 2004, 02:27 AM

Thank you all for the kind words; it's nice to get some positive feedback instead of the usual "you've screwed this up ***** moan w*nk" ;)

What error was that btw, just out of interest?

hey, i'm just impressed with how fast samurize improves.

as for the error: if i quit samurize by rightclicking the trayicon and selecting exit, it would pause for a very short amount of time and then a generic 'this application has had an error' window pops up with the old 'ok' button. It seemed to do that no matter what config i tested it on(i never use mbmonitor in my configs either). I usually use carlosprs macrorunner or closetorun to start and stop samurize(ie. for gaming) [so it was never a real issue for me] and didn't get that message when using those, i assume becuase it just kills the process.

I can't really remember the exact error message, but i could always reinstall 1.3 if you need to track something down.

thanks again for the update.

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NeM, it should, Ruby (http://www.ruby-lang.org) can do anything that Perl and Python can in a easier to read/understand way and it is 100% OO

here is some FTP code in Python

	def reconnect_on_timeout(self, operation, parameters): 
 attempts = self.attempts
 while 1:
   return apply(operation, parameters)
 except IOError, ex:
   if attempts == 0:
   raise IOError, ex
   delay( self.retry_delay )
   attempts = attempts - 1      

def upload(self, data, filename):
 self.reconnect_on_timeout(self.uploader, (data, filename))

def uploader(self, data, filename):
 tmp_filename = self.temp_filename_for(filename)
 self.ftp.storbinary("STOR " + tmp_filename, StringIO(data))

def download(filename):
 return self.reconnect_on_timeout(self.downloader, (filename,))

def downloader(self, filename):
 blocks = []
 self.ftp.retrbinary("RETR " + filename, blocks.append)
 return "".join(blocks)

Same code in Ruby:

def reconnect_on_timeout
 @attempts.times do
   return yield
 rescue IOError

def upload( data, filename )
reconnect_on_timeout do
 @ftp.storbinary( "STOR " + tmp_filename, StringIO.new(data) )

def download( filename )
reconnect_on_timeout do
 blocks = []
 @ftp.retrbinary( "RETR " + filename ) { |data| blocks << data }

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I don't know Python either ;)

In order to test it with Samurize I need a simple script, such as this one:

puts test("hello")

def test(a)
   return a

What I am trying to do is call a function that simply returns the value of its first parameter. I have no idea what I'm doing though - so many errors :/

Do you know what's wrong with it? :D

EDIT: Hmm I think I get it.. you can't have functions in Ruby, only methods defined for objects? This works:

   class MyClass   
       def test(a)
           return a

a = MyClass.new
puts a.test("hello")

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