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[request] Looking For A Freeware Video Editing S/w

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Hello my fellows, I'm Santiago from Santiagom.4t.com, and today I really need someone to help me out. The thing is that I have to edit a home made DVD, and the only computer avalible that I have is an apple, the problem is that the operative system is kind of all, it is 9.2. by the way the computer has dvd writer, is a G4. I relly need someone to help me out finding a freeshare software for mac os 9.2 . thanks you all, I really need the software for me to edit the video. Thnk you all



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THis thread is better placed in the Mac & Linux OS subforum withing OS and software.

Also, please use more descriptive topic titles along with the proper tag, i will tag this thread as a [Request].


The Topic Has Been Moved & Tagged

// Seph

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This guy is suck. If you all didn't know what I mean, just check his site and see that all his files is directly linking to my server without asking my permission.

He use a bandwidth that I pay for it, same as he steal from me.

To santiago, I want you to immediately remove all the files that links directly to my server.

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