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[request] Linux Theming Resources

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Well, if youre looking for *nix customization, gooeylinux.com is the place to go ^_^

Also, if you are asking for help, or requesting something, tag your thread with a [Help or a [Request] Tag...


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// Seph

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It's not quantity, it's quality. :P

Most of the Linux themes out there are amazingly crappy, because the community is mostly programmers (I code much better than I draw). Some of the most talented themers out there frequent Gooey though. Seriously, RoberTO, m5brane, GreySim,etc are all amazingly talented and can teach you a lot.

But whatever, if you don't like it don't come. We're still very new, and growing. We only have about 1200 members right now.

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lol, you guys are funny. I like gooeylinux, I'm just looking for lots of resources. Especially linux icons, which seem to be almost non-existent. And OS skins. I'd like lots of nice OS style themes like beos, amiga, solaris, etc... and can't seem to find them.

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