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[release] Pinstripe Thunderbird

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love this theme!

would also love a matching version for firefox!

Not that I'm objecting to seeing another Pinstripe for Firefox by Magnus, but just an FYI, kyods released ports of Arronax's OS X Pinstripe (http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=20503) and Graphite Firefox themes (http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=20397) back in October--they've been updated for 1.0 as well.

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The screenshot below are in Thunderbird 1.0 in Linux.

The theme worked perfectly in Windows, but in Linux, it look like that. Anyone know how to fix the background color (see screenshot)? I looked into the jar file of the theme but were unable to find the attributes that are responsible for the background color. Help me please ^_^.



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plz read my posts before posting stupid questions,

1. as I said, this is an update for 1.0, so yes, it works with 1.0, not any IQ test for an normal person.

2. as I also said, an updated tutorial is also cooming, but before that, I need help with some bugs on my firefox skin, so plz, dont be assholes who just leech, or what the H**** u call it, and help me a bit....

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can someone point me the right link to the tutorial, please? the link on the first post of this thread leads me to the forum index: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=8&t=15261

I installed the compact menu (one i found using google...) but it doesn't appear on the extensions menu and on the compose window. I unninstalled thunderbird and installed it again but nothing changed.

The skin is great but I need the tutorial because I can't seem to make this compact menu thing working and I can't unninstall it either.


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I just reformatted my drive and tried installing the compact menu extension and I get the same thing, doesn't show in the extensions list, it basically doesn't install. It worked when it was installed on older versions then updating TB to the latest, but it won't work on a clean install of TB 1.0. I haven't found much searching google, just basically what I already have which doesn't work. I guess there isn't one made specifically for TB 1.0, unless there's a way to edit the old one to work??

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I just found out about this theme for Thunderbird. I really don't even know if it's supposed to be for Windows or not, but I'm not crazy about the default Thunderbird theme and I really like this one. I'm not into Macs at all, but I really do like the user interface on OS X, and this theme is a total beauty. There's a couple flaws but honestly, I haven't seen a better theme yet.

So, why is the font different on my system? Am I missing the font? And what files do I need to edit in order to change the selection background in the text (the blue on the background of the selected folder, in this case the Inbox, is too bright for me, it doesn't match my window title bars as you can see)...

I'm not too much of a skinner but I'm gaining some experience with Samurize...

Someone please help me...



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Magnus, I have the same issue, but I do have Lucida Grande... my font looks really small and squished. I think the problem is that the font your theme is using is relying on the system font.

If you look at the Winstripe Thunderbird theme here:


they've somehow managed to make it so that the font used doesn't change no matter what.

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Yes right now to work with your theme, my current Windows theme needs to use Lucida Grande as its system font because you are missing a definition somewhere. You should be able to make the font of your skin independent of the Windows system font. (the Winstripe theme I linked to above does have that definition and their font looks fine no matter what)

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Magnus, another small thing: your theme is really extremely good, but the progress meter in the "mail sending window" is not working right. I tried, and it seems that if you replace your progressmeter.css file with the one from the default TB skin, it works just fine.

Anyway, congratulations once again for this great theme.

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