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I get this error when trying to start my weather widget..

Windows Script Host
Script:  C:\Program Files\Samurize\Scripts\Milk Suite\Change Location.vbs
Line:     153
Char:    2
Error:    0x800C0008
Code:    800C0008
Source:  (null)

Anyone who knows why ? or what I can do to fix it?

thx :ph34r:

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please tag you threads correctly!

and be more descriptive. I've noticed u have been posting some "troublesome" posts lately.

what version of Samurize are you using?

What weather widget r u using?

what kind of weather are you using (VBS script or plugin)?

please be more carefull when posting next time <_<

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Well from the path i can say that he's using the Milk Suite by Tadis. Using weather2004 plugin.

Are you using the latest version of Windows Script Host? I think the latest version is 5.6.

I guess you have to wait for Tadis since he's the vb pro. ;)

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@ Unbeliever,

I've noticed u have been posting some "troublesome" posts lately.
Actually this is my first post.. ( sorry for incorrect tag )

@ SicZero, Im running Windows Script Host 5.6 , Samurize 1.41 and Milk Suite by tadis..

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Judging from the line number in the error message you posted, the problem appears to be with your MS XML parser:

Firstly, can you connect to the internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer? (sometimes people select the 'never dial a connection' setting in their Internet Options.)

If you can connect to the internet using the MS Internet Explorer, then the problem maybe with your computer reading the XML feed:

Type the following address into MS Internet Explorer and see if there are any results:


If nothing shows up then you need to update your XML parser (can be found somewhere on the Microsoft website).

Hope this helps. ;)

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