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[ann] Some Updates

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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but because of the difference between all the updates i didn't really know where to post..heh

anyhoo.. i managed to make a few updates on my site... first off all, i've taken the advice of several good friends of mine on this board and others and put up a paypal donate button on my site, not that i expect much out of it but you never know who would actually like to donate to the site.

Also, i've put up like 9 new wallpapers that i put together... and also in the Extra section there are a few surprises... such as a new Custom Shapes file for photoshop with all the OS X toolbar shapes, i figure it might be easier for people who make yz's toolbars and stuff..

AND... i put up all my Celebrity soundboards in EXE format... they are great so have a go at them and tell me what you think, they are incredibly fun.



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Gotcha ;)

Moved it to community site as all of those items are in fact offered on your site :D

Very nice too, ill use those custom shapes for sure! ^_^


The Topic Has Been Moved

// Seph

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