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[ann] Kdx Aqua Emulation Server ** Open **

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I am very pleased to announce the opening of the KDX aqua emulation file server!!!

To access the server you will need a KDX client available at the KDX homepage. (Click to enter and scroll way down the page to find the DL link.) Unfortunately, KDX is shareware, but worth its weight in gold once you know your way around it. Also, please don’t get the wrong idea, I am not affiliated with nor is this an advertisement for Haxial or KDX.

Anyway, once you have downloaded, installed, and successfully launched the client, get yourself an avatar and a name by clicking 'commands'/'settings' on the main panel of the interface. As community members, please have the courtesy to set up a name and avatar. Next click the ‘connect’ button (just below ‘commands’)

main%20panel.jpg **note: the interface you see in this post is a skin which you can apply later.

Next you will need to fill in the following information:

Name: you can leave blank, or name the server as you like; i.e. Aqua Emulation

Address: yamatomachi.no-ip.com



no login or password are required

like this: connect.jpg Then click the highlighted ‘connect’ button.

The first thing you might want to do is enter the chat room:


Clicking on ‘news’ in the main panel brings up: normal_news.jpg

Click ‘file browser’ on the main panel and something like this will appear:


You now have access to all the aqua emulation files available on the server. See the News / Server Notes for further information.

*** NOTE *** The server is not up 24/7/365. It runs off my iBook and an external HD and unfortunately, the iBook gets *very* hot and needs rest. The server is up mostly at night Japan time, that is, roughly daytime in the US. If you can not connect *now* then just try back later.

For questions about KDX, please visit:

the Haxial User Group Forum

Haxial's 'getting started with KDX' page

KDX Sector

Please do NOT pm me or reply in this thread with KDX ‘how to’ questions.

Hope like hell you enjoy the server. Was a labor of love.

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Double posting in my own thread >_<

Yeah, it's a hobby.

Anyway, current stats: normal_Picture%201.jpg

I think invisibility here refers to thing like DS_Store or whatever, like thumbs.db on Windows.

So basically, around 23,000 files. I know for a fact my icon collection exceeds 12,000. The rest are divided among wallpapers, visual styles and such. And DL speeds are at 15k until traffic gets crazy.

Look at me, I'm, err... trying to sell you, erm... *free stuff*


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Some news:

Silencedge uploaded lots of Objectbar and Windowblinds themes +some neat screensavers. I uploaded some Looca skins, gonna add more today or tomorrow.

Come people :)

Duckie said he had 20GB of data that remained from his old hotline server and he might visit our server now ^_^

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Heh, finally upgraded my retro kdx stuff and am now a member of this server, its great and the people there are very helpful as well.

I really recommend this server to anyone wanting to try out kdx, and we can begin to build a file sharing communitity. Who knows, if we have enough support, as ji eun said to me today, there may be a group of aqua servers before long.

Also, with the many skins created by abbaZaba, there should be a kdx "flavour" for all would be users of it.

So, pop by sometime and check it out. Make the admin happy


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I'd be happy to have an anal retentive co-admin who could organize it better, as you have done at Stylesuites; i.e. VSs & 'blinds categorized by theme or creator or whatever.

At the moment it's basically a free-for-all where aqua people can create new folders for uploading or upload into already existing folders, but can not move items from place to place or delete anything. A co-admin would have total control over the aqua server.

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Me? Anal rentetive? I bite my thumb at you :6 :lol:

But yeah, how the hell would your organise it? It's already organised by icons, skins etc, and you couldn't organise it by theme (Milk, Jetblack) etc because there's just so much stuff that isn't theme-related. Plus, we'd just be creating a much larger copy of StyleSuites, and we couldn't have that now, could we :lol:

But yeah, I'm here if you need me...

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Ji Eun's Server is really good. It took me a few minutes to figure out kdx but now im downloadng great. There is really good amount of files that is dedicated for aqua. And uploading is a sinch! Just drag and drop.







p.s. kdx is skinnable too!! The server has massive amounts of skins.

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Okay, as regulars at the server will know, I am not up 24/7/365.

It runs off my iBook and an external HD and unfortunately, the iBook gets *very* hot and needs rest.

From now on, I will keep the server up mainly at night Japan time, that is, roughly daytime in the US. However this is not a *rule* and in general, the server will just be up and down as I like, but mostly *up*. So if you can not connect for the time being, just try back later. It is not going offline, just I have to sleep the damned iBook more.

Maybe Bolero will set up a server of his own and we can mirror files, which only ammount to about 3 gigs of space. Or he can use his own massive archive to serve from. Hopefully we can get an emulation ring going and have an aqua station up at all times, always.

Anyone interested in setting up their own aqua KDX server please contact me by IM if you have any questions or want to talk shop.

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Yes, yes I was. I'm a lazy bastard, and I just right-clicked on Icons and selected Download. You can hit me if it makes you feel any better.

And yes, I am going to make my own Aqua KDX server. "teh StyleSuites KDX 1337 server!!1" :lol:

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Simon man, don't worry about your download. Next time you log in just right-click and restart your download and KDX remembers where you were..... AS LONG AS YOU DIDN'T MOVE THE FOLDER OUT OF THE DEFAULT DOWNLOADS LOCATION or tamper with the contents.

Anyway I really hope you set up your own server. Getting an aqua ring going would be un-f'n-believable.

Also, have had some outstanding luck. I just got hold of an ancient first-gen intel machine which will become the dedicated server and there should be *zero* downtime from now on. It's back to Win95 for me!! HAHAHA :smartass:

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