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Hosting/mirror Available For Files

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I am happy to provide a mirror or hosting for any ones projects on here. I have 15GIG of bandwidth at my web site, as I have a small site very little gets used.

I run a site as you will see in my signature that provides help, tutorials and knowledgebase articles as well as other things, to everyone who joins or visits the site.

My Downloads section is free to use as with the rest of the site, I do not require people to join the site just to download. Only if they are submitting.

If you are interested in having your files hosted/mirrored by my site please contact me. I am already hosting the Looca program that is being developed here.

I share your interests in these applications and modules you create, and would be pleased and interested to host them.

The only restrictions are that any files must be under 5MB - this really is an offer for small application developers/skinners/and artists.

If your interested just PM me.!

my site can be located in my signature if you wish to view it.


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