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[release] Picasaosx !

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Originally posted by risingsun@Sep 4 2004, 09:12 AM

Great!  Thanks!


Please read the board guidelines:

2.2.7. Posts with minimal content (for example, posting "thanks" is frowned upon, unless accompanied with further detail - if you wish to thank someone, please send them a personal message, or use the "thank" feature of the board).

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Nice looking skin, thanks for the hard work!

Me in particular will never use Picasa again. It creates files in every folder remember the file positions and that stuff. I couldn't stand that and now I am using Photoshop Album 2.0. It doesn't look that awesome, but it works properly.

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Getting errors on load, a whole bunch of error windows one after the other. Must be about 30 of them:

Child not found in resources: [acquirepanel/importfrom]

MainOffset with no node: [MaintainOffset left]

and this goes on for about 30 windows, then the program loads and is all broken up like some of the screenshots shown earlier.

At first I thought it might have been that I didn't install the program in the Program Files directory, instead I put it in my applications folder. I reinstalled it into the program files folder, but this didn't make a difference

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Liquidbrain´s here (one of the two developers of this skin)

When we were making this skin, people of Picasa told us to wait to version 2, cause that new version will be totally diferent. In fact is totally diferent. Version 1 was easy to skin, cause skin files was on a folder inside Picasa's one.

Picasa 2 has all skins files inside EXE, DLL, etc .... so this is for Picasa 1 ...maybe someday we´ll try to skin Picasa 2 ....but not for now

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Ok, that's cool and all about Picasa 2. Does anyone know why my copy of Picasa 1 won't work right with the skin? After all of the error messages (i counted how many, there were over 100), the program loads with the skin, but it's a little off (like the one shown in a screenshot earlier).

Can someone please help me. I installed a fresh copy of Picasa 1, then installed a fresh copy of Picasaosx and it still won't work.

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I guess my issue is dead, I really wish I could use this skin without the errors on load. I have been poking around and it appears that it has something to do with the photoshop images themselves. I installed a fresh copy of Picasa and copied only one of the photoshop images from the skin to the runtime folder. When I started it up the program indicated that the image was missing a layer. I'm guessing this means that the image is not meeting up to the program's standards. Please help me, I love this skin so much and I would hate to have to get rid of it

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@tomlapp:i think the proper installation advice is written in the topic - i did as i was told to - and no prob - but i´m usin´sp1 - first inst. picassa-google-free.exe (i´v a 1.6.18) and then the complete picasaosx.exe 9.0.333.0 - i did this procedere with severel machines - no prob at all - copied a. into c:/program b. installed itself wright into the new folder in c - so best is to delete all files 1st and then - again

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do I need the picasa-google free.exe Is that the first version of the free program from google. The one I have, I had to pay for. Maybe that's why it's not working. If I need that free one could someone host it on here so I can grab it? The only one you can download from Google is Picasa 2

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