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[release]yet Another Explorer Replacement

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Originally posted by rooskee@Apr 5 2004, 10:09 PM

This is simply incredible.  no other words can discribe it.  The only issue i see is that when you click the right view button, the transparent color becomes untransparent.

Yeah , I have noticed the problem but I have no idea why it happens right now. :(

Does it happen with the panther skin too? If not, it's more of a skin problem.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Originally posted by vneumann@Apr 5 2004, 05:45 PM

-Some questions

1. What do you think is the better use for the search box? Address bar or real search function?

2. Do you think it's necessary the program has its own skin engine like other finder clones? It can make the program use more resources.

Yes...Search Function...PLEASE

Maybe for the whiners, add an Address Bar as a run dialog

and skinning would be good, unless it ruins the speed...needless to say, I will happily make a skin for it

Finally, if you want realism, remove the mouseovers...that's not in tune with the real thing

they only need a mouse down state.

And the resize bar, if you can add the button and a hand cursor, that would be keen

Again, by ALL means focus on usability FIRST, then the bells and whistles will fit easier

OH, this is my vote for 3 panel...PLEASE?!?!

P.S. dont let anyone get to you...keep it up

if you need to, disappear for a while and ignore all requests until YOU are happy...this may be a community, but your work is YOUR WORK and it is appreciated, no matter how many p[eople bombard you with silly requests

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This is awesome !!!!!

The best Finder i´ve ever saw ...

3 things:

1) like everybody .... 3panel view please! ;)

2) Could it be possible to add separators and move up and down the shorcuts?

3) Search bar as a real search bar ...no address bar

EDITED:Right now i can move up and down!!!!! then just separation

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Hmm, I seem to have a problem resizing the window, but otherwise it's quite nice. The customizability of the side panel rocks.

Re: the mouse over states, I think you can keep it for flexibility of skins. Those who don't want it can just have the same graphic for mouse over state as inactive state. Of course, whatever floats your boat.

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Man great great great app !! (Y) I love it i like how customizable it is specially the shortcut panel and the drag and drop feature !! :woot: this is by far the best finder !! ;) it uses little memory which is good and its fast as well !! I would suggest that you add features like changing the font and another feature which would make it great is to be able to choose whether to add a saparator between the icons in the shortcut panel or not !! :D Thank you very much for this !!

Can't wait for a milk theme !! :D;)

cheerz :naughty:

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Unbelievable app!

Few suggestions:

1. Separator

2. Pngs instead of icons (or both)

3. Ability to move the shortcuts by dragging them

4. I know it`s a long shot but any chance of labels

5. Is there any chance of making the search field shorter (the unused part of it)?

6. Search field would be a killer feat!

Bug report:

1. The finder window is not horisontaly resizable (edit: it can be expanded, but not shrinked beyond a certain size, leaves an ugly gap between the icons and the widow frame)

2. It doesn`t remember window size

3. Doesn`t remember view type (i set the Thumbnail view for a folder, restarted the app, it was back to normal, icon view)

Thanks for this wonderfull app, it`s definatly spicing the things up in the "Finder Wars" by Unbeliever © ;):D

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The single BIGGEST feature that I'd like would be mouse-button foreward and backward control (y'know, the 4th and 5th buttons of a 5-button mouse?) That would make or break the functionality for me.

My current Mem-usage is 10,061K

None of the other explorer/finder mods (to my knowledge) have yet implemented this IMHO essential function, and if you could do it... *Shudders with anticipation*

Thanks for your amazing work thus-far. :rock:

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- Looks like many people want 3 panel browsing.

The problem is I don't have an access to a Mac, so I don't have a real good feeling about what it looks like and how it works. It would be really nice if someone can provide some screen captures and explain how it works.

- I know that there is a flicker problem while resizing. I can simply get rid of it but then the transparency of buttons gets messed up.

I guess I know how to circumvent it, but I'll need some time cause it requires a lot of recoding.

- I will add PNG support both for left shortcut pane and buttons. (Then skinners won't have to deal with stupid hot pink mask color. )

- I will add up button soon.

- Search function will also be added soon.

Since I don't have much time this week, I will probably upload the newer version with up button and search function this weekend. The major revision with PNG support will follow later than that.

Thanks for your support. Your kind words made all the efforts worthwhile!

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Thanks mate!

for real Finder screenshots THIS might help :)

Just to remind you, Separator :D

Few more wishes :)

Is there any way to make icons in finder "larger" than in explorer? I`d like to have, let`s say 72x72 icons in finder, and 48x48 in explorer.

I also noticed that folders have default windows icon, while all other icons look like they should (when replaced with IconPackager)

Thanks once again for this marvel!

(now Duckie, make us a good skin ;) )

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Originally posted by Duckie@Apr 6 2004, 02:27 AM

haha...you stole my line


promoting TRD where ever i can ;)

Now make us a 1:1 skin :D

EDIT: Me again :D

Suggestion - Add a eject button next to cd drives :)

Bug - Doesn`t remember arrange type (i put it on arragne by modified, but wheever i move to some other folder in the finder and then get back to the one i set, it returns to the arrange by type)

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does anyone else use mobydock and this app together and have problems?

When I use this GREAT app with mobydock... it resets back to "my computer" every time I right click. Really Strange. MOby Dock is my favorite dock so... it is frustrating.

oh well... I do have other options! :naughty:

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WoW !!!!!!!!!

What a Wonderful Application !!! i love it ! this baby has Drag and Drop !! WoW !!

this is the best one out there . it has lot of potencial !! Congratulation Man !!

now we really need you Duckie ! put your hands on this app to make one of your amazing Skins !!

and ... Btw.

can you make everysingle part of this app skinnable ? please ???!!? ;) and keep it up dude !

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Oh man! This is the best finder so far! I've had no problems yet. What won me over was the icon drag and drop to the left menu...that kicks butt! I can't believe you did the bottom "# items, # GB available" exactly like the original!


Talking about the "# items, # GB available" display, the size of the text is much smaller...don't know the point size, but it's like the size of this text here.

By the way, in the original Finder, when you click on the search's magnifying glass, a pop-up list appears so you can choose to search in your local disks or home or whatever...maybe you can incorporate that. Or if you don't like that, then how about when you click on the magnifying glass, you can either search the web (google, astalavista) or search your computer.

Anywho, here are a few screenshots I took of the finder some days ago.

OS X Finder Images

Damn, this is excellent! Keep up the great work!!!


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