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Hi, forum creepers!

Here's my first Aqua related app ever. Compiled together with my first XP-style icon.

I called it McBar. It is a menu bar in Mac style (i.e. close at the top of screen). It captures and shows real window menus of your running apps (no predefined or fixed menus, no language problems etc). Well, try it yourself.

This is a "zero release", i.e. I plan to make much more features than now. The list of bugs and issues is already BIG, and your reports are accepted gladly. Don't expect too much:

- McBar cannot capture menus of Explorer, IE, MS Office, Mozilla, MyIE ...

- McBar handles Delphi and VB applications in a very asquetic way

- Sometimes it pops "Access violation!" but still lives on :)

- Etc

Well, this release is made most to see whether somebody needs this program and should I spend my time on it. I'll try to grant all your wishes about it, post 'em here.

Obsolete version (the zero release)

Download: http://www.parkerinnovations.com/~alilm/mcbarzerorelease.zip

Screenshot: http://www.parkerinnovations.com/~alilm/action.jpg

Go to my last post to download the newest version (or just see the links in my signature)

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Originally posted by GillBates@Mar 29 2004, 10:48 PM

After closing it I cannot maximize my apps to the space where the mcbar was, is this a registry setting I can change or something?

I specially made this app in a very "ecological" way: it doesn't leave any trash in TEMP, SYSROOT, Registry etc.

The problem described in this quote sometimes appears in WinXP/2000 and (for only this raw release) should always appear in Win9x (sad but true). It happens because the process of McBar is killed before it can delete it's system panel object. All side effects of running McBar disappear after system restart, so if something's going wrong - don't worry, you know the best way to heal M$Windows :moon:.

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Originally posted by ja450n@Mar 29 2004, 09:49 PM

very nice,

don't know if you want bugs posted are not,

but i noticed that the menu in iTunes is not recognized

YES, I want to see here all the bugs you'll find.

About iTunes: as I already said, McBar doesn't capture the menus of some apps like Explorer or almost any M$Office app (Word, Excel etc). For example, if you see that the window menu has a grip and can be moved - this ZERO release of McBar won't catch it. In case of iTunes (and QuickTime Player too) the situation gets more complicated because these Apple's apps use their own Non-Client drawing (they have even a non-standard window header and border). It's something like a skin, but only one fixed skin.

I now need to get some more info of how iTunes is built, so if someone knows of any articles about this in the Web, please tell me.

P.S. That was really surprising for me to know that iTunes now is compiled together with G-Force visialization software. I knew G-Force since its first release, I made a few presets for it - and my heart almost stopped when I saw my beloved vis plugin working in Apple's program :woot:

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This is amazing. I've been hoping someone would do this moreso than any other app.


What programming language is this written in?

A workaround for people who want their top 20 or so pixels back: Make the windows taskbar unlocked. Move it up top, and then to wherever it was before. viola

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Originally posted by xfluffyx@Mar 30 2004, 06:42 PM

This is amazing. I've been hoping someone would do this moreso than any other app.


What programming language is this written in?

McBar is written in Delphi6, but menu capturing engine uses WinAPI most.

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Really great app!!!

Bugs I found:

- No menu capture in FireFox

- Sometimes menu separator looks like empty menu item instead of horz line

- I've got an application - TOAD... It's "Tool for Oracle App Developer" :) It's written in Delphi and have menu a-la MSOffice -> floating toolbar (or coolbar in Delphi terms - if my memory is not corrupted :rolleyes: ). OK, there no menu capture for this app too.

- sometimes system menu intercepts not fully... only "Restore", "Minimize" and "Close" items... And I think it's because those app is written by Delphi :smartass: and Delphi apps all have hidden window which is always maximized (once more about my memory :naughty: )...

And suggestion:

I found one cool "taskswitcher" -> TaskModule

It's OpenSource.... Maybe you can use it in McBar? for task switching for example :woot:


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2 NilColor

Too much to qoute. FireFox is Mozilla. Delphi apps are handled by their TApllication object (it is also a top window of almost every Delphi GUI app). So most of your problems are typical for this release and are described above.

About your suggestions:

Task switching: I have to say that I don't know how exactly Mac's menu works - I've never seen any Mac in action alive or even in screen videos. All I've got is screenshot. And the book (see Acknowledgement in readme). Therefore I don't know how exactly it switches the tasks.

Hiding menu: This makes a problem. For example run Acrobat Reader 4 and turn its menu invisible. Then click McBar it will re-capture Reader's menu and you'll see ... right, NOTHING! All I can offer is to hook the redraw procedure for every window and fill menu with ButtonFace color

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