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[release] Pixelperfect 0.2

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Sorry for the **** question, but one of the reasons for me getting Firefox is that I can have the safari theme....

I have tried to follow the initial install procedures, but I cannot seem to move the icons up from the nav bar...

Second, I notice that you guys have your icons in a different position from how they have appeared as standard...how do swap these around...

Last, I notice that when I roll over an icon, the 'shadow' appears a little askew from the actual icon...is there any way I can recotify this?


****!! :(

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Not to worry, cause a bit of patience, and some common knowledge sorted it out...


i am having problems gettting the bookmarkshadow.png into the classic.jar file. I am trying to use winrar, but when I got to add the file into the archive, then it tells me that the file is either corrupt, or it is a bad file type?

has anyone else has this problem?

Apart from that guys....WOW, excellent theme!!

Thanks for everything!!

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And then finally (just to be pain the arse!!)

I have tried to understand the thread about the search box, but for some reason I cannot fnd the .png file that has the google icon in.

I want to replace it with the magnifying glass, and the name "google", but cannot find it. I know I'm a novice here, so please bear with me, but this damn theme looks so tasty I just wanna get it right!!

Which file do I open with winrar to find it, and how do I replace the "G" with the magnifying glass?


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Navigate to x:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins, where x is the drive or partition in which you installed Firefox. You should find the google.gif file there. You're going to replace that one with the one that came in the PIXELPERFECT.jar download.

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One more thing though...

I have started using the tabs now, and I have a couple of questions...

1) the text is not vertically centered, and seems to sit more towards the bottom of the tab..is there anyway to centre this?

2) the font colour is very light on the tabs, and I wanted to choose a darker grey for the font colour on the tabs, as I have seen in other screenshots of this theme...how do I do this?

I think that's about it!!

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Thanks for this. I did everything like you said.

The fonts are to small.

Tool/Options doesn't work anymore.

and....please give me the little lupe gif, and tell me where to replace it.

oh, and can somebody tell me how to change the image for the rest of the buttons? just in case I want to use them.

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Darn, I must be stupid.

The toolbar icons aren't changing to Safari-like.

When I drag them into the "customize panel," they appear as they should (Safari), but when I put them onto the actual toolbar, they change back into default icons.

Any suggestions?

I'll post a screenshot if I can get my server FTP working again.



Ah, you can't select "use small icons." I think it's selected by default... you may want to add to your instructions that you should deselect it if it isn't already...

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