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Hi everyone. Just wanted to tell you all about a new customization community recently opened, named AdvancedPC.org. It's a great place, the people are nice there. The site just started not too long ago, and the community is still growing, but we already have some well known people there. I'm a moderator over there. We hope AdvancedPC.org will become a great success like Aqua-Soft! Maybe we can affiliate even. Hope to see you on the forums! :)

AdvancedPC.org - Transform your PC!

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Hi again, one last thing... I've received word from the admins over at APC that after the TGTsoft contest ends, APC will have another contest for a one year subscription to Stardock's ObjectDesktop! So this contest will be around May 15th for those looking forward to it. Read about it here.

Oh, and for those who haven't heard, ObjectDesktop 2004 was released today! :DArticle @ Neowin


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