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[release] Avepreview Version 2

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Originally posted by AndreasV@Mar 28 2004, 06:27 PM

These two are awesome!!!!!!!!! Great job both. I'll promise the current skins can be used in - if it ever will be there - AveFinder.

:woot: AveFinder :woot:

I've been informed by a reliable source that the 2 buttons I have omitted from my panther skin very actually used! I will update the skin tomorrow - sorry for the mistake folks >.<

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Originally posted by AndreasV@Mar 28 2004, 08:37 PM-->
QUOTE(AndreasV @ Mar 28 2004, 08:37 PM)
Awesome beric!!  :rock:

btw, I mentioned it nowhere, but you can adjust the height of the toolbar with:


in the values.ini from the buttons-skin.  :canadian:

and i recomend making making a new toolbar skin called hide toolbar, dont give it any images and add


to the ini. Next add


to the toolbar ini that you are using otherwise when you switch skins it will keep the old ToolbarHieght :D

So now open up avepreview2 and right click on the toolbar and select hide toolbar, now there will be a 2 px margin underneath the titlebar that you can click on to change the skin... have fun

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Ave, !!! Congratulation !! What a wonderful job !!! this one deserve to be called a Pice of Art !!!

really !! keep it up man ... you know what to do and when to do it !! wonderful App !!! Amazing ...

i hope you will realease this kind of app forever !! you make us very happy ! :woot:

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berik your toolbar`s background is to short , and when i open a big pic, it just stay almost in the middle of the whole toolbar .... :( is there a way to make your skin as wide as the tollbar is when it is resized ? or it just gonna stay like that forever :S

and Thanks ;)

[sorry for the 2 post :S]



The behavior of this app when you have more than one Skin in the skin`s folder is so danm weird. you got to see it for your self. too much bugs with the sking change process and so on.


well it seems to be that it is so important where u click. cuz it depends on where you click to change the sking ..... there is a place to change the main frame and the tool bar skin...


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Originally posted by IngeneerMind@Mar 29 2004, 12:24 AM


well it seems to be that it is so important where u click. cuz it depends on where you click to change the sking ..... there is a place to change the main frame and the tool bar skin...

yeh, thats the point -_-

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change the skin (the MAIN SKIN) by right clicking on the title bar, you only get a list of the skins in your skins folder

right click on the TOOLBAR to get TOOLBAR skins.

it was like that onpurpose so you can match up different buttons with different themes, it isnt buggy, its meant to be like that


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@Kerin: Grreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat!! Merci beaucoupe! :rock: :woot:

@IngeneerMind: that's how it is suppose to work: right-click on titlebar, change windowskin, rightclick on toolbar, change buttonskin. I might change that behaviour a little maybe.

The image you've posted looks like a bug to me. Gonna look into the code :rolleyes: ; thanks for telling me! :rock:

@Unbeliever, silencedge and tarik: Hi.. :bye: :sadwalk:

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Hey great work on the picture viewer, its tight. I was wondering if there is anyway to get that roll up effect on all windows, i have the button on my windows but they just shoot up with no effect, and i also like the window closing on mac's where it sorta gets sucked into the bottom corner or somethin, anyway to do this on windows?

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I'm using the latest version but has this also with the version before (ok i admit making this makes no sense but) when you open Avepreview without any picture and push the next or previous buttons the program messes up, if you close the program and reopen it it's still the same, only way to "fix" this is to open an image with Avepreview.

"Tested" with the Panther (by Duckie i think) and Preview (by beric) themes.

Screen of what it looks like, Avepreview open twice with panther and preview themes, anyone else get this?


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Originally posted by rooskee@Mar 29 2004, 10:02 PM

Now that we have the ability to change a picture and do the selection thing, the app needs a "back to origional" button.  Also, a save feature wouldnt be a bad thing

Isn't that stepping into the area of a image editing app? I use Avepreviewer just to look at pics - but move onto Photoshop for anything remotely serious. I'd rather have a fast and light previewer than be bogged down with non-essential features.

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