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[release]ifinder V.1.03

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Hi Neo ! :lol:

I did Make a new Panther Striped Skin and more..for iFinder.

(new Smoth button,new addressbar for TD 4.0 theme and more ..)

I'll release Them in Skin Page ,But I can't edit text and rename in iFinder..

Can you Post more for next version ..(rename;edit text ; 3 view for toolbar )

please !!! :lol:


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first! I want to thank neo_osx for this great Finder clone...

(but it take me 10 sec to start this app :canadian: is that normal??)


I made a small "tool"...?

it might be useful for you to add items in to the leftbar...

it's made by flash, and load config from XML file

you can set the label、link and icon in the XML file and add、remove items of course...

so maybe you can give it a try~ :P

ps:flash can't load PNG file dynamically...so if you need the icon transparance, you need to import the png file in to flash and publish to swf file, and let it load the swf file

or you can load JPG files (of course without trancparance)

remember!!!you can only load "swf" and "jpg"

and cause it's made by flash...it can be more animate

but keeping this similar to the real Finder....maybe i shouldn't animate too much!!


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