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[release]ifinder V.1.03

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Originally posted by IngeneerMind@Mar 24 2004, 05:29 AM

ok, guys !  maybe i`m offtopic , but..... PLEASe i must have the WALLPAPER Neo_osx has !!! in his screenshots !! who can tell me what`s its name and the url if you are so kind !  !! it looks cool ! and thanks ..... (this is the first time i see that wallpaper)

That wall comes with Three Drives Neos theme!

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que alguien tradusca esto para que los demas comprendan.

al descargar el ifinder, el panel izquierdo esta configurado para recurrir a C:/Finder/Finder.html en el archivo finder.rar que coloque mas arriba esta la carpeta finder que tare consigo el archivo html, solo descomprime la carpera en el directori C: y listo deveria funcionar bien, si tienes otro problema, comunicate con migo por medio de msn [email protected] :lol:

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I hope that you include/understand to me. when unloading ifinder, the left panel this formed to resort to C:/Finder/Finder.html. in the file to finder.rar that it places but above this the folder to finder, that tares with himself file HTML, single decompresses the carpera in directori C: and ready deveria to work, if you have another problem, comunicate with migo by means of msn well [email protected]

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