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What Do You Have In Your Dock?


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Well IM just curious of what you guys have in your dock. If you want to post your dock pic, you can too, Also state the size of the icons you are at. here is mines:


dock on steroids

and the things are:

My Computer | Outlook express | Resource Hacker | Dreamweaver | Phoenix | Opera | Trillian | FlashFXP | QCD | Gif Movie Gear | mIRC | Nero | Photoshop 7 | warez | warcraft 3 | trash | documents

Icon size is at 48,but i usually use 40

wat bout you guys?

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From left to right:

My Computer : Show Desktop : Recycle Bin : Floppy Drive : CD Drive : Hard Drive : Disk Defragmenter : Word : Excel : Powerpoint : Outlook : Frontpage : Publisher : Scientific Workplace : LabWindows : Acrobat Reader : Paperport : Power Calculator : Paint : Photo Editor : GConvert : Canon Creative : Periodic Table : ChemDraw : Sound Recorder : Yz Shadow : StyleXP : Linksys : Netzero : Dial-up : MyIE2 : Trillian : IE : AIM : Configuration : Clock ::: Running apps.

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From Left to right:

Powerpoint, Excel,Word,Wordpad,Business Folder,Rolodex,Calculator,Outlook Express,Hotmail,YahooMail, Illustrator,GifAnimator,PhotoshopElements,Photoshop,Hotline,HotlineFolder,Kazaa,

Kazaa Folder,PowerDVD XP,iuVCR,Dreamweaver4,DreamweaverMX,Web Apps Folder,WebPage Work Folder,Video Folder,Picture Folder,Music Folder,Radioshows Folder,CoolPro Audio,Soundforge6, Recording Control,Playback Control,Nero,CNNwebsite,BBCwebsite,Timeswebsite,MSNBCwebsite,3local news website,ScienceNewswebsite,2foreign newspapers,2videotech websites,Netscape,IE,AquaSoft website,4 UFO/Paranormal websites,4 search engines,SystemWorks,FileSearch,PNG folder,Small Utlities Folder,ShutdownPC,Windows Folder,Clock,MyPC,ConfigOD,Trash,Nuclear website,4 Earthquakewatch sites,2 Weather Alert sites,2 Volcano Alert Sites.

All running smooth and easily found with one click (when it works)....Ha,ha

I may have left a couple out but it is about 76-78 items.

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*raises eye brows* Uhhh, Vid...LoL...You must be blind with 70 dock items...10x10 pixel icons at magnification, LoL

For me, I got...

My Documents, Outlook, Trillian Pro, Mozilla, QCD, SmartFTP, Notepad, Address Book, Winamp, Word, Photoshop 7, DeskCam, Hard Drive, A:, Zip Drive, Control Panel, Trash

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I don't have a way to post a picture, but each icon is the size of the full arrowhead of the pointer. Look at this page and look at the icons for the buttons Edit, E-mail,PM that is about the size of my icons. You can make what it is by the general shape and color of the icon, but since you know whereabouts a particular icon resides it pops to full size as soon as you place your pointer in the vicinity. The small size of the icons serves little to show the beauty of each icon but it is very convenient and easy to get used to. As soon as you place the pointer it is no different than a dock with 12-15 icons.

The beauty is quick navigation to areas or apps you like best, or apps you use daily.

Oh, BTW screen resolution is 800x600 I got an older monitor. Waiting for the right time to get a bigger flat-screen.

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I have Finder (my computer)| Internet Explorer | Console (e-Console) | Photoshop7 | Image Viewer (ACDSee 5) | Grab (SnagIt 6) | iPhoto (Picasa) | CD Burner (Nero) | iMovie (RadLight) | iTunes (QCD) | Inbox (mail folder) | Documents | Temp | Trash and my application created with FileMaker Developer, namely "Buprom"

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You can't link Geocities pictures and have them display here. Most free web sites block pictures from being displayed directly outside their sites. It's not worth it. If you want a picture of my dock I'll e-mail it to you on request. It's just slightly smaller in looks as what Contrasutra posted.

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Originally posted by ZzPcPzZ@Jan 19 2003, 10:18 PM

Well IM just curious of what you guys have in your dock.  If you want to post your dock pic, you can too, Also state the size of the icons you are at.

wat bout you guys?

VideoMann: wow thats a lot of stuff on your dock =)

for me left to right: photoshop; image ready; quickcam; sindarin dictionary; style xp; pow; kazaalite; microangelo; tengwar writer; tweak ui; outlook express; dock options; control panels; quick time pro; qcd; window washer; wfx; front page; outlook; excel; word; powerpoint; aim; icon packager; addy book; mp2; divx; stuffit; trillian; cute FTP; notepad; reshacker; type manager; dialer; winrar; wmp 9; trash.

normal 27 px zoomed at 128 px

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My Computer (renamed Vaio) - AddressBook - Outlook - IE - Larousse Dictionary - Kazaa Lite - WMP - Notepad - Word - XL - PwPoint - PageMaker - PhotoShop - ACDSee - PhotoQuicker - Wavelab - DRS2006 - CIAWorldFactBook -(offline) - Eurocalc - Dreamweaver - WSFTPpro - Netmeeting - eWallet - Search - HP Photocopy - ControlPanel - Dock properties - CLock - Bin

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here is my dock

i didnt want to post the pic on the forum, because its about 1360 pixels wide....im using 1600x1200

in the running app part, its netscape, my buddy list, and 2 IMs

the app launcher part it goes: AIM, Netscape, Task Manager, Command Prompt, Kazaa, Winamp, Nero, My Docs, C: Drive, F: Drive (firewire), Control Panel, Tash, Dock Config (yes, that's a 10.2 Jag CD), Quit ObjectDock, Clock, and Windows Shutdown

and why this stuff? cuz its what i use most, and i like the icons/PNGs (thank you all who have made these, they are awesome)

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I use Y'z but I still think this is a cool thread to tell everyone what you have on your Dock. Heres mine from left to right:

Outlook Express | IE 6 | Opera 7 B2 | Mozilla 1.2.1 | Phoenix 0.05 | Paint Shop Pro 7.04 | Winamp3 | Kazaa Lite v2.0.2 [K++ Version 2.0.2] | CuteSITE Builder 3.0 [****ty but cheap WYSIWYG editor] | FrontPage 2002 [a.k.a. XP] | Control Pannel | Seperator | Show Desktop | My Documents | My Computer | Recycle Bin [Docklet]

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Windows Explorer/Empty Temporary Folders/Icon Workshop/Address Book/MSN Messenger/Internet Explorer/Winamp 2/Photoshop 7/Control Panel/History Folder/Styles Folder/Downloads Folder/Applications Folder/My Shared Folder (Kazaa)/Recycle Bin.

I redid my shortcuts so I didnt need so many on the dock and I could get better image clarity. ^_^

Nice thread btw

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I run 2 docks myself, but that's just me.

Left side dock:

mIRC, Opera 7.0, IE, Fresh Download | Nero Infotool, Feurio 1.66 CD Manager , Nero Burning ROM 5.5.10 | FooBar 2000, QCD 3, WinAMP 2.81, WinAMP 3.0, Windows Media Player 9.0 | Soulseek, Kazaa Lite 2.02, Shareaza 1.8 | ACDSee 5.0, Icon Workshop, PaintShop Pro 7.04 | kX Mixer, Multimedia Properties, Reaktor 3.0, RTPlayer Pro | Directory Opus, Dock Home Folder, My Computer | Recycle Bin

Bottom dock:

Task area | Shared Documents, Shared Received Files | My Documents | My Music, My Pictures, My Vidoes, My Recent Documents | Directory Opus, Dock Home Folder, My Computer, Launch Screen Saver, Console 1.20, TaskInfo 2003, UltraEdit 32 9.10, Shell Search, Shell Run | Dock Properties

Yes, there is some duplication of items on both docks. I find it faster to work this way.

If the left side of my desktop is occupied, I simply launch from the bottom dock. If the bottom part of my desktop is occupied, I launch from the left dock.

It works well for me.

I have all my most frequently used apps in the docks. I rarely need to the Start Menu these days, which I like.



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