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[release] Felix 8 Public Beta

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Hey guys,

I have a public beta version of Felix I'd like to share with you. In the nature of beta files, some obscure stuff is not there, but I think it runs quite nicely at the moment.

Heres a screeny showing the default Silver theme and the Panther theme...


Download here [2.36mb]

Mirror 1: Here

Mirror 2: Here Many thanks to LoofyGun &

Many thanks to hispanic boy

Read the readme before opening the app!

If you find any bugs, please post them in the thread in my forum.

By the way, if you can host a mirror I would be very grateful.

Enjoy! and tell me what you think :)


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:D oh so nice Alim, this is by far the greatest finder clone out there...and when 3 panel browsing is implemented....DAMN.

This is sweet stuff, and easy to configure as well. Very well done.

Again an example of what happens when you let a developer be, and waits patiently while he finishes!

Again Thanks



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Originally posted by zeckeheinz@Mar 21 2004, 12:13 PM

man great work! Can´t belive that there were so many submissions of finder versions in the last months.

Zecke! :D

But how to change folder directories?..

To change the shortcut links press F1 to get tp the preferences dialog or click the options button.

And thanks everybody :)


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OH my God! I love it! Great work alilm ^_^ I like it so much that I already created Jetblack skin for it (+Windowblinds skin for it). It's great.

However editing icons in the sidebar is a little bit painful - any chances for png support with separate icons and selection rectangle?

Great work :P


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Woaw one of the most efficient i tried!!!

bug to repport:

- favorites network folders: when i want to browse a favorites network folder that is no longer accessible (host disconnected for example), Felix crashes... and it's very very slow for browsing a network workgroup...

- The apply skin button doesn't actualy refresh the window, we have to do save settings" to effectively aplly the skin :P

- resizing the window is a bit crapy with the main view pannel

- on right click without item selected (in a blank part), the menu show "copy Felixbeta8051 Folder" (the default location of Felix) is it normal?? it shouldn't appear without item selected isn't it?

Something you may do (i think it has already been requested but...)

- Language package (to allow translation to be made, i can do it for french language if you wish)

- View as thumbnails can be nice to for images

Originally posted by readme.txt

Thanks for downloading Felix 8, I hope you enjoy my program.

I DO :) :)

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starting-progress is not really fast, but when it´s open....damn, a great feeling. it blows my mind away of thinking about the fact seeing the "3 panel viewing" in an upcoming version.

a hell damn good work.

one question:

i have 4 harddrives. in the preferences i see fields for more than 1 drive but they are not useable. i tried to edit the settings-file with entries like:

Drive1Label=Harddrive C:\
Drive2Label=Harddrive D:\
Drive3Label=Harddrive E:\

but that did not help. could u tell me more about it? or will this feature only be useable in an upcoming release?

and damn, plz keep up this great work.


my blindness. forget about the drives-question. ;)

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one question:

i have 4 harddrives. in the preferences i see fields for more than 1 drive but they are not useable. i tried to edit the settings-file with entries like:

Yeah, no matter what you do in Felix 8.0.51 this wont work. Its simply not implemented :P

Heres the to-do for beta release 8.0.60, the next public beta:

  • Add some variation of 3 panel browsing
  • Generallly speed it up
  • Add compatiblity for up to 3 harddrives
  • Maybe a search feature (one's in the works)

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