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Please excuse the neophyte to AvePreview, but I just finished reading all 10 pages and downloaded the Beta2 from a few messages up and the only thing in the Zip is Project1.exe. When I run it, I get a white square window on my screen that I can't do anything with.

So I downloaded the Guipod skin and hand-edited the Project1.ini file to point to it and now at least I get a titlebar and some buttons.

When I drag in an image, it's all compressed into the top left corner of the AvePreview window and looks like crap.

When I hit the "maximize" titlebar button. AP fills the screen, but when I hit the button again, nothing happens, it stays full screen.

Am I missing something here???

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download the file off the first page,

the structure is like this

File: project1.exe

file: project1.ini

Dir: Skin


-> Guipod

there is a bug with displaying images be patient

download the newest Update .exe file near the end of this thread and replace it with the old one

(alsohitting the maximize button agai ndoesnt do anything, he has to add in the option for it to shrink back down, for now you have to resize it)


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@Moshi: Herd gave me some ideas, need to try them out.

@hallf: You are right, the previewer is totallycrap now :P We focused on the skinning process for now. Expect some updates soon. The current release doesn't have a default skin, because Pe7er is too busy with learning theory of film :smartass:

@bolero: WOA! Lookin' nice bud.


Ji Eun told me the 'maximize' button on OSX is actually app-dependant, and with - for example - Finder, hitting that button makes finder go into the best size possible. What do you want, windows-like or more realism?

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